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If you are about to sit an SHL Verify Inductive Reasoning test or any other SHL logical reasoning test as part of your online assessment process at a top UK employer, it is strongly recommended to review the concepts of these tests in advance. Practise SHL-style logical and inductive reasoning tests with JobTestPrep.  
SHL-style Non-Verbal Practice

50 CEB's SHL-style non-verbal tests: inductive, diagrammatic, spatial, checking and more. Including detailed explanations and smart score reports!

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The majority of employers in the UK use aptitude tests as part of their selection process. A candidate applying for a position at a company that uses SHL assessment services is very likely to encounter a logical reasoning test as part of the preliminary online assessment process.

What are they all about?

First of all let us clarify that when referring to SHL Logical Reasoning Tests, we are in fact also referring to SHL Inductive Reasoning Tests. CEB's SHL and employers tend to mix between these terms, but it should be clear that the the issue at hand is non-verbal reasoning tests.

These tests evaluate cognitive abilities that rely on pure logic, without the use of written texts or numerical data. In the course of these tests you will be asked to recognise patterns that are presented by series of shapes and thus induce and predict which shape should come next in line.

shl logical or inductive reasoning test

The SHL Verify Inductive Reasoning Test

Most graduate, managerial and junior managerial candidates are required to take a Verify Inductive Reasoning test. Therefore, we dedicate special attention to this test. It is a 24 question test which presents non-verbal sequences. The candidate is asked to choose the right shape that completes the pattern. This test format is very similar to the above examples. The test is administered online at the beginning of the assessment process along with other Verify tests. Candidates who pass the test are invited to the assessment centre to continue the process. They are then required to sit an additional, shorter verification test, which is graded 'verified' or 'not verified'. Practicing for this test will increase your odds of qualifying to the assessment centre where you will be able to show your other talents. JobTestPrep offers a practice pack that includes hundreds of inductive reasoning questions, many of them are SHL Verify style, with answers, explanations, and a 20 minute instructional video. get it now!

Practise CEB's SHL Logical and Inductive Reasoning

Tests in the style of SHL inductive reasoning are published by many other assessment companies as well. In fact, every reputable assessment company publishes its proprietary non-verbal reasoning tests. The good news is that the differences between these tests are not great. Most of the differences would be visible in the test's format and question structure, e.g. Kenexa Logical Reasoning Tests will have the missing frame in the middle of the sequence. The most substantial difference is of course the difficulty level of these questions. Just as with anything else in life, complicating a non-verbal reasoning question is quite easy. Therefore, practice is of essence.

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