SHL Critical Reasoning Test Battery

The full scope of SHL junior managerial and supervisor tests

  1. The SHL CRT Battery (aptitude tests)
  2. The SHL Supervisor Tests Solution (psychometric tests)

The SHL Critical Reasoning Test Battery

The CRT battery is comprised of the following steps that we will explain below: At first, you will be asked to sit a series of Verify Tests. These tests will be administered online and then verified by a shorter version of the test at the assessment centre.

The Verify Tests in the CRT Battery Are:

  • Numerical Reasoning (verify) – measures your ability to interpret numerical data shown in tables and graphs. The online version includes 18 questions and 17-25 minutes. The verification version includes 10 questions and 14-15 minutes.
  • Verbal Reasoning (verify) – measures your ability to interpret written information. Each question includes a passage and a statement. You need to decide whether the statement is true, false, or impossible to determine according to the passage. The online version includes 30 questions and 17-19 minutes and the verification version includes 18 questions and 11 minutes.
  • Inductive Reasoning (verify) – measures your ability to identify relationships between shapes in sequences or matrices. The online version includes 24 questions in 25 minutes and the verification version includes 7 questions in 7 minutes.
  • Mechanical Comprehension (verify) – this test will be administered if the job you applied to has some mechanical or technical aspects (construction supervisory, mining supervisory etc.). This test measures your ability to understand basic mechanical principles (gears, levers, cogwheels etc.). Each question includes a diagram and a question about it.

Additional Tests:

  • Interpreting Data (NC 2.3) – a numerical ability test which measures your ability to answer questions based on numerical data which is given verbally or in a table or a graph. 30 minutes, 40 questions.
  • Verbal Evaluation (VC 1.3) – a verbal ability test which measures your ability to interpret written information in contexts relevant to supervisory and junior management.
  • Diagrammatic Series (DC 3.1) – measures your ability to identify relationships between shapes. Each question includes a sequence of shapes. You are required to understand the logic behind the order of the shapes and choose a shape that best completes the sequence. All tests are comprised of multiple choice questions.

In general, SHL sends a PDF file that contains explanations about the battery and gives a few example questions. Nevertheless, this material is insufficient. The example questions are few, and are much easier than the real test questions. To help you reach your full potential on the SHL CRT Battery, JobTestPrep's team has developed a Critical Reasoning Test Battery practice pack that addresses all these topics.

The SHL Supervisor Test Solution

This solution helps employers decide whether a candidate has the personality traits that fit the role of supervising. This solution is comprised of two parts:

  1. Screening – the measured characteristics are: deductive reasoning ability, management potential, thoroughness, reliability, achievement, innovation, influence and independence. This stage contains up to 175 multiple choice items which you need to complete in 53 minutes.
  2. Selection – the measured characteristics are: coaching and development, deductive reasoning ability, prioritising, monitoring, decision making and professional potential. This stage contains up to 61 multiple choice items which you need to complete in 58 minutes. Following this assessment, the employer will receive a report that grades you as low, medium or high on each of these six traits.

These Assessments Are Comprised of 3 Types of Questions:

    1. Multiple-choice deductive reasoning questions - you are required to choose the only correct answer. Learn more about deductive reasoning tests here.
    2. Different kinds of personality and psychometric multiple choice questions. There are no exclusively correct answers here. You need to choose the answer that is most suitable to you. Read more about SHL personality test.
    3. Questions that display video scenarios relevant to supervisory work and require you to choose the most effective and the least effective response to the situation, out of four options. These questions usually appear on SHL Situational Judgement Tests.

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Why Prepare with JobTestPrep?

Who Can Benefit from This Pack?

Candidates who can benefit from this pack are those who apply to junior managerial and supervisor jobs. Supervisors and junior managers usually manage hourly workers and are responsible for planning schedules, training and assigning employees to specific duties, making day-to-day decisions etc.

  • Potential job titles – Team Leader, First Line Supervisor, Call Centre Supervisor, Customer Service Supervisor.
  • Industries that SHL uses the CRT battery for – Construction, Mining, Oil, Metal manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Public Sector, Health services and more.

Why Practise Critical Reasoning Test Battery Tests?

You should practice for a few reasons. Firstly, the practice provided by SHL is insufficient. Secondly, they do not provide answers so you cannot really tell how well you did. Thirdly, SHL measures you against other skilled candidates who might be practicing, and you do not want to stay behind. In addition, our experience shows that candidates may improve their performance on aptitude tests significantly by practicing.

Why Should I Choose JobTestPrep's Critical Reasoning Test Battery Practice?

There are a few reasons to choose JobTestPrep's CRTB practice pack. Firstly, JobTestPrep is the only company web wide to produce a practice pack designed specifically for SHL’s Critical Reasoning Test Battery requirements. The practice materials in the pack cover all the skills assessed by the CRTB: numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning, and includes questions similar to those found on SHL’s tests. Secondly, our practice packs are always updated according to the latest SHL trends. Thirdly, we provide you with excellent study guides and tutorial videos which help you learn and strengthen your weak points. In addition, we provide you with answers, full explanations and score reports to help you track the course of your improvement.

Tips on SHL-style Tests

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