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Situational Judgement Test Practice

The intention of this short practice session is to introduce some basic concepts that are usually found within situational judgement questionnaires. It includes a variety of day to day dilemmas in the work place, especially management-worker conflicts.

Many job positions require sitting a situational judgement test, from public service and police forces to management and supervisory positions. The content of these tests changes accordingly, however, the test is always in search of a candidate's sound discretion, an understanding of his/her working frame and limitations, and finally, an understanding of the hierarchical structure of an organization i.e. the political work frame in which he is operating, etc.

Situational Judgement Test Sample

Time Limit: 40 minutes

Content: A collection of questions that evaluate your judgement abilities in work related situations and conflicts.

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Check out this slideshow to get the most updated information about the SJT!

Due to the large amount of requests by our site visitors, we attached a pdf version of our free situational judgement tests (SJT).

You are welcome to print these versions and practice at your own convenience:

Answers and questions Click here to download
Questions only Click here to download

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Situational Judgement Test with JobTestPrep“ May I say a big thank you!... I found the test useful in sharpening my skills. I am happy for you to use this as a testimonial though I would purchase the course to be thorough. „

Civil Service, January 2013

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