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Some forces contain a Police Initial Recruitment Test or PIRT in their recruitment processes. You may encounter the PIRT in the recruitment process for both Police Officers and Special Constables. This page explains more about the PIRT.
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The PIRT is really made up of four different elements, all requiring different preparation and testing different skills. The aim of the PIRT is to assess your ability to check information, observe scenes and recall details. The test is taken in four different sub-tests, each with their own time limit. You must pass each test in order to pass the overall PIRT.

The elements of the PIRT are:

Numerical Reasoning Test

Your numerical skills are tested in a numerical reasoning test. In this test you are given a set of information in graph or table form, and asked a series of multiple choice questions on this information. You may have to make calculations to find the answer, either on a calculator, or on a piece of paper. There is a time limit on how long you have to sit the test. Practising ahead of the test will improve your confidence going into the test and help you meet all the challenges listed. JobTestPrep have created a range of numerical reasoning practice packs, the two most useful in this case being numerical reasoning and numerical calculations.

Literacy Skills

You are tested on your English language skills, a key part of communicating with the public. In this test, you are given a series of sentences with words missing, and your task is to pick the correct word to fill in the gap.

Verbal Logical Reasoning Test

Your skills at taking in information and using it to answer a question are tested in a verbal reasoning test. In this test you are given a passage and additional facts on the information contained. You are then asked to evaluate whether the statements based on this joint information are true or false, or whether you cannot say based on the information provided. There can be a lot of information provided, and you have to be able to read and process it quickly and accurately. There is also a skill to evaluating the information to true, false or cannot say. Practising ahead of the test will help you achieve this on the day. JobTestPrep’s verbal reasoning practice tests can give you all the help you need.

Observation Skills

In this test you are being assessed on your ability to assess two formats of the same information and check that the information provided is the same in both formats without any errors. You are being tested on your observation skills, and ability to see differences between two pieces of evidence which may look the same on the surface.

In Summary

Many forces use the PIRT as part of their recruitment process for Police Officers and Special Constables. You have to pass all four tests included in the PIRT in order to achieve your goal of working with the Police. Preparation ahead of time is key. This article has guided you through the tests included in the PIRT and highlighted the resources available for practising these tests.

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