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Free Aptitude Test - Practice Free Questions with Full Explanations

Take a free aptitude test to have a quick glimpse into the most popular assessment tests used by employers these days.  

These practice tests are just a drop in the sea! JobTestPrep offers the largest database of up-to-date practice questions per assessment company and job position. Start your free session now by choosing a test below, and join the web's most profound practice experience. 

  Free Numerical Tests
5 tests, 50 minutes of free practice
  • Data/graph interpretation
  Free Verbal Test
10 questions, 10 minutes
  • Critical&deductive reasoning
  Inductive Reasoning
12 questions, 11 minutes
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  Situational Judgement
13 questions, 40 minutes
  • Work related scenarios
Watson-Glaser sample questions
  • Send us your answers!
  Mechanical Reasoning
10 mechanical sample questions
  • As seen on assessments!

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