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Key Points on Advanced Excel Tests

The advanced level test is aimed for applicants who will oversee a sizable amount of data and use the software at high capacity. Therefore, a candidate is required to master the diverse features of the software. This means that most of the questions will be on the advanced level. However, there still will be basic or intermediate questions. The main field of the questions will be formulas, macro creation, advanced formatting and document properties. Be sure to evaluate the different subjects to be as prepared as possible.

Assessment Subjects

Excel Advanced level tests frequently feature questions concerning straightforward Excel subjects related to the software’s interface and use. Yet, the assessment will revolve primarily around higher-level subjects such as creation and execution of Macro commands, PivotTables, advanced Excel functions, utilising Excel’s in-depth software features, and more. These assessments can prove demanding even to highly practised Excel users, so be certain to be well prepared and acquainted with the different subjects and question formats before taking the test. Our Advanced Excel practice pack was shaped for experienced users who prefer to focus their training around relevant topics for their assessment. Our practice pack covers all advanced test topics, but also features much more.

Excel Assessment Test Sample Questions

Below is an example of Excel test questions which are likely to appear on an interactive test. To practise the following questions, copy and paste the chart below to a clean Excel worksheet – left click, hold and drag to mark the table, right click and choose “copy”. On the Excel worksheet select the first cell on the left (A1), right click and press “paste”. Be certain that the cell named “A1” is indeed located at cell “A1” on your spreadsheet.

First name (A1) Last name Department Full name Age Annual income (th. $)
Elisabeth Aragon Finance Elisabeth Aragon 23 55
Marlo Acogny R&D   21 76
Molly Freedman Finance   25 60
Kathleen Allen R&D   26 75
Renee Hobbs R&D   25 60

Intermediate - Advanced Level Sample Questions

  1. Use red to fill in each income with more than 70, using conditional formatting
  2. Beneath “full name”, combine the first and last names using the CONCATENATE function

For more sample questions, with answers and full explanations, click here.

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The JobTestPrep Advantage

There are hundreds of different features and commands in Microsoft Excel, and it’s nearly impossible to master all of them. You wouldn’t study the complete history of Britain just to take a test on the First World War, would you? JobTestPrep’s online practice materials were designed specifically to address topics relevant to the advanced level Excel assessment tests. Our practice packs include:

  1. Two full-length interactive tests containing intermediate to advanced level questions. These tests can be taken in one of two modes: “testing” mode simulates the actual test experience, while “step-by-step” mode provides a learn-while-doing experience.
  2. An additional 180 practice questions divided into drills by topic. These drills can also be taken in “step-by-step” mode to further enrich your Microsoft Excel skills.

Excel & Word Combo Pack

Microsoft Office assessments usually included both Excel and Word tests. Our Excel+Word combo practice pack allows you to save both time and effort preparing for your assessment tests.

JobTestPrep is not a part of Microsoft and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.


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