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Tips on How to Pass Psychometric Tests

Would you like to work through a numerical reasoning question with someone? Well, good news - now you can! Learn how to pass a psychometric test in a virtual environment.
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Stuck on a certain concept and feel like you would like someone to help explain it to you? We are launching new, revolutionary, video tutorials to guide you through the most problematic areas of numerical reasoning: ratios, percentages, inflation and general tips to start, with more tutorials to follow shortly. This is a new, innovative product – it combines practice questions from our site with guided explanations - you saw it here first!

What do our video tutorials include?

Each tutorial explores a specific number function, for example, ratios. The tutorial starts with the very basics to make sure you understand the concept and then goes on to more complicated applications of the function. There are examples all the way through the guides including examples from our onsite practice packs – so you will be prepared when facing a question of this sort in a numerical reasoning test.

New to JobTestPrep – exclusive video tutorial guides guide you through our questions from our practice packs.

Here at JTP we try and help you out as much as possible, so whenever we spot a time-saving or any other trick we want to tell you about it. Our video guides offer these tips with examples of where you may need to use them, so that you get the most out of your practice sessions. In fact, we have dedicated an entire tutorial to general numerical reasoning tips.

Where can I view these videos?

These videos will be included in all packages that include numerical tests –e.g. Numerical Reasoning Practice Pack, Numerical and Verbal, Aptitude Tests Pack; as well as all our combined packages – e.g. Graduate/ Managerial/ Non-professional Practice Packs (basic and customised packs).

Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centres

Our experience has led us to the conclusion that people can prepare themselves for each and every part of psychometric assessment process to some extent. This does not necessarily mean that the practice process involves a single pattern of question answering, but rather a guided overview of concepts, case examples, self reflection and of course, practical aptitude test exercises. 

In effect, one of the main purposes of an assessment centre is to examine the applicant's behaviour in a stressful and tiring situation. Your behaviour during the course of the day is noted and is just as important as the test results, if not more.

Naturally, many applicants may experience feelings of frustration and anger when filling in the personality questionnaires or taking part in the group exercise. They feel exposed and that their privacy has been compromised. One of the most important rules to remember is to maintain a serious and concrete attitude throughout the course of the day.

Another important thing to consider is that the assessors at the assessment centre are interested in profiling a list of traits, some intended to be evaluated through more than one task. This means that even if you had problems in demonstrating a trait which you find as important, don't give up your enthusiasm or let this bring you down; there is a great chance you shall be given the opportunity to prove yourself again throughout the course of the day.

Pass psychometric tests with JobTestPrep

Our online preparation for psychometric tests teaches applicants how to behave in a correct and effective manner during the tests. The preparation package teaches job applicants how to:

  1. Overcome aptitude tests, to make sure you pass the popular first assessment step.
  2. Behave in a moderate manner in interviews, even in cases when the interviewer is intimidating and inquisitive.
  3. Treat personality tests in a serious manner, despite the natural tendency to overlook the details as they can be quite grueling at times.
  4. Act rationally even in those situations that may be slightly irritating or annoying.
  5. Prepare yourself for popular assessment centre activities

Anyone can pass a psychometric test

  • Anyone can behave in a smart manner if they set their mind to it. This is true for everyday life as well as in assessment centres.
  • All applicants can improve their influential skills if they practice.
  • All applicants can act rationally during the tests despite the pressure.
  • The argument that our behaviour is considered genuine only if we are caught off guard, spontaneous and without preparation, is simply not true.

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