Baker Tilly Graduate Scheme

The Baker Tilly Graduate Scheme is a three-year training programme towards becoming an accountant. A career in this industry is challenging but rewarding and as such, competition for places at Baker Tilly is high. The application process begins with the completion of an online application form. It is very important to be honest and open. You should take your time to fill this form in as it is your first opportunity to really sell yourself. If you have been shortlisted, Baker Tilly will invite you to take some online tests to do in the comfort of your home.

Online Aptitude Tests

If the application form that you sent out was good enough to get you short listed then Baker Tilly will invite you to take online numerical and verbal reasoning tests provided by SHL.

The Baker Tilly Verbal Reasoning Test

With regards to the Baker Tilly verbal reasoning test you will be presented with a paragraph of information containing a number of often disjointed facts. There is a statement below the passage and using your analytical skills you need to discern whether the statement is true, false, or impossible to say based on the passage. Practising for the Baker Tilly verbal reasoning test is of utmost importance as this is one of the key predictors for success later on.

The Baker Tilly Numerical Reasoning Test

In this test you will be presented with numerical information in the form of statistical tables and graphs. Using ratios, percentages and other mathematical skills you need to complete the test by calculating the correct answers and selecting the correct option. Learn how JobTestPrep can help you by clicking here.

Preparing yourself for any of these tests is important for two main reasons. Firstly, the actual layout and format of the test is something that you will not have seen before, and if you aren't familiar with this layout you are essentially shooting yourself in the foot. Secondly, the particular skill that you need to demonstrate here is that of working under the pressure of time. The majority of people taking these tests don’t complete them in the time given. This is a failing that can be taken care of with practise. You can think and work fast enough if you create a method for doing so. This is why preparing for these tests is so important.

If you successfully complete these tests, Baker Tilly will invite you to attend the Baker Tilly Assessment Centre.

Baker Tilly Assessment Centre

By successfully passing the online tests, you will then be asked to go to a Baker Tilly Assessment Centre. This is your opportunity to really shine. At the Baker Tilly Assessment there will be a number of activities. These activities will include further confirmation aptitude tests, interviews and working with some case studies. It is important that you are successful in these confirmation tests. If not, you may be sent home at this point. For this reason, it is vital that you are continually practicing for these tests.

Following on from these confirmation tests you will be faced with a case study exercise.

Baker Tilly Case Study

In the Baker Tilly case study you are given a set of information to read and then use and analyse to answer a series of questions. These questions may require you to use similar skills to those used in the earlier verbal and numerical reasoning tests, but you also need to be able to read larger tracts of information, manage your time and workload and provide written rather than multiple choice answers. Prepare for this exercise with our online case study preparation pack.

Throughout the day, those who are not making the grade are asked to leave. To make sure that you survive each cull, you need to ensure that you are fully pfrepared throughout.

Baker Tilly Group Exercise

The Baker Tilly Group Exercise follows on from the case study. The group exercise involves being split into groups and given an additional case study. This time, the object of the exercise is to discuss the issues. Being a confident team player in these exercises is critical and JobTestPrep also has guidance in this area too.

Baker Tilly Interview

After lunch and after another cull, there is the Baker Tilly Interview. This interview is usually going to be competency based with some general questions about motivation etc. It is also a general chat with one of the partners as they want to know more about you. As with other aspects of the day, preparation is vital. You need to know why you want to join Baker Tilly and have good commercial awareness and an understanding of the financial world. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the Baker Tilly Interview.

Prepare for Success

Baker Tilly are clear on what they are looking for throughout the process. Make sure you are fully prepared at each stage, and come across as friendly and outgoing, and you will stand a good chance of being selected to join Baker Tilly. In this article we have provided information about how you can prepare yourself for each stage. We hope you have found this useful, and good luck.