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Prepare for Every Aspect of the Hiring Process

Start preparing for any assessment test, employer, or a job position with JobTestPrep's general preparation package. Our PrepPack™ contains a wide variety of information, practice tests, and study guides.

Also, you will find video tutorials and tips which elucidate and elaborate on answer explanations and solving strategies.

All of these resources can reduce response times and increase overall performance.

Start practicing today to alleviate test anxiety and stress and to ensure your success.


With employers increasingly making use of assessment tests to discover the best candidates, you can gain a competitive edge by preparing beforehand.
Ensure you are prepared and have the skills, tools, and confidence you need.


We Offer the Most Accurate and Complete preparation packages on the Web:

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Mathematical Reasoning Test

A vast number of employers require a pre-employment math test as a critical element in the hiring process.

JobTestPrep offers a thorough Math PrepPack™, which includes practice tests, question analysis, and in-depth testing strategies.

Want to learn more? Check out our dedicated Mathematical Reasoning page.

Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning is a basic assessment of the candidate's ability to think consistently and to arrive at the correct conclusions as a result of this thinking.

The main purpose of the test is to assess the logical thinking in dealing with the problems and situations encountered during his work.

In addition, the candidate will be examined in basic mathematics, which is an important part of the evaluation test. The test is a type of psychometric test that helps in screening candidates in their recruitment process.

In fact, the test can be defined as a tool that measures the mental ability and logical reasoning rather than the candidate's verbal abilities and skills.

Want to learn more? Check out our dedicated Logical Reasoning page.

Situational Judgment Tests

Situational judgment tests (SJTs) are a popular psychological tool used by many assessment companies, employers, and organizations to evaluate applicants' behavioral and cognitive abilities when introduced with hypothetical, daily work-related situations and conflicts.

The test is often used in the initial phase of the hiring process, as a threshold to proceeding further in the recruitment procedure. These tests can be tricky and challenging as it isn't always clear what is the right or wrong answer for each question.

That is why preparation for these tests is crucial. JobTestPrep offers you a unique preparation pack that will help you get familiar with the most common question types, will teach you how to answer them correctly and ensure you pass the test with great success.

Want to learn more? Check out our dedicated Situational Judgment Tests page.



What are JobTestPrep's PrepPacks™? 

With over 1000 online practice tests, divided into eight subject categories, you can quickly pinpoint weaknesses in your knowledge base and improve your skillset using our online practice tests.

JobTestPrep's All-Inclusive Master PrepPack™ will have you covered for almost any job assessment you may face. In addition to our practice tests, we offer resume optimization services and interview preparation tools to help you make the best impression possible.


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