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At JobTestPrep we pioneered training packages for SHL tests, tailored for popular industries and positions. Our online packages include practice tests, score reports, question-by-question explanations, solving tips and video tutorials to help you secure your next job.
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A to Z Guide on How to Pass SHL Tests

SHL Practice Tests with JobTestPrep“ Overall though these tests are the best I've found to practice for SHL and other recruitment numerical reasoning tests. „

Senior Brand Manager, February 2013

Whether you are trying to succeed at any part of the selection process including the assessment centre; or whether there is an assessment across your organisation, be sure to practice with us.

What tests can I expect to take?

There are two main types of SHL psychometric assessments you are likely to encounter as part of the application process: 

  1. Personality based tests - personality questionnaires (OPQ32), motivation questionnaires, situational judgement tests and job-related exercises

  2. Cognitive ability tests, also known as Reasoning or Aptitude tests. Below we will expand on this topic. 

CEB's SHL Reasoning Tests

SHL Reasoning Tests are usually taken as Verify Tests. The most popular ones are detailed below:

SHL numerical reasoning tests aim to measure your understanding of tables of statistical and numerical information as well as your ability to make logical deductions. SHL verbal reasoning tests aim to assess your ability to comprehend written information and to evaluate arguments about this information. SHL inductive/non-verbal reasoning tests assess the capability to deal flexibly with unfamiliar information and solve problems. These tests intend to measure capacity for conceptual and analytical thought. 

How can I prepare for an SHL test?

SHL offer a limited amount of practice tests on their website. However, the feedback is generally limited to your score with no in-depth feedback. You will not discover where you went wrong or why. JobTestPrep offers the web's leading preparation services for SHL practice tests, tailored per position. Get full coverage of SHL psychometric tests; hundreds of questions with explanations, solving tips, and comprehensive reading materials.

Who are SHL?

SHL is a global leading provider of talent measurement consultancy services, acquired by CEB in 2012. Since this purchase occured, SHL's solutions are also referred to as CEB talent measurement solutions. SHL delivers over 25 million selection and development assessments per year. SHL offers a full spectrum of services and supports Global Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. 

What are SHL tests looking to measure

SHL can be recruited by companies for various purposes detailed below. At JobTestPrep we help you stay ahead of the game at every stage of the employment cycle.

  • Selection CEB's SHL talent measurement solutions are employed when companies are looking to make intelligent talent acquisitions. This could be in cases of volume recruitment (such as graduates), or for management and professional hire. The competencies outlined in these tests can be measured and utilised to drive business results or integrated into an employee’s development plan.
  • Developing talent – understanding skills and capabilities across an organisation, as well as exposing under-utilised strengths and capabilities.This is in order to best know where to place talent within a company and to roadmap a future path which will present upward career opportunities.
  • Leadership  assess individual readiness and skills against leadership objectives in order to identify future leaders. This can help train and prepare individuals for internal movement and growth by promoting talent.

The most interesting FAQ's about SHL Tests Scores and Results

An overview of SHL Tests as offered to employers

At JobTestPrep we like to help make things simple for you. Here we have organised what tests you may be faced with when taking SHL tests according to position. This is based on the tests SHL provide to their clients when testing according to position. 

Below we've listed the types of SHL tests offered to employers divided into topics and batteries.

Popular Test Batteries
CRTB (critical reasoning test battery)

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