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Here is just a glimpse into the type of questions we offer in our practice pack, which includes four online practice mechanical comprehension tests. JobTestPrep's online practice pack allows you to practice complete tests, each containing more than 20 questions, including a smart score report and thorough explanations.

Sample question 1

On which pole does the weight press harder?
  1. #1
  2. #2
  3. The weight equally presses both poles

On which pole does the weight press harder? - mechanical comprehension tests


In order to solve this question we first need to recall the definition of “moment” (torque):

Moment = Force × Distance

Force - the force vector (meaning the vertical component: F × sinα)

Distance - the moment arm, which is the distance between the point where the force is applied and the axis of rotation (pivot).

We shall indicate:

F1 = the force applied by the pole in option 1.

F2 = the force applied by the pole in option 2.

W = the weight of the rectangle

To simplify things, let’s assume the following:

The length of the longer side of the rectangle is 2L

The datum (an arbitrary starting point) is the point of support, where the rectangle is touching the floor.

Now, we can set a pair of equations, based on the formula of moment and Newton’s third law (action and reaction):

(1) F1 × L = W × L            => F1 = W

(2) F2 × 2L = W × L          => F2 = W/2

As you can see, the first option requires double the force the second option does. Thus, answer choice 1 is correct.

Note that each equation should be positive on one side and negative on the other, since they represent forces acting in an opposite direction. However, in this case we were only interested in the absolute amount of force needed.


Therefore, the correct answer is 1.

Sample question 2

What would be the current flowing through point X if another identical power source were to be added in parallel to the circuit?

1. Twice as strong

2. Half as strong

3. There is no difference

mechanical comprehension sample question

Solution: Adding a power source in parallel does not change the values already set for the circuit, as they match the existing power source. Adding a cell or battery in parallel is usually devised as a form of electrical backup to a circuit, and not as a means to change the voltage.
Therefore, the correct answer is 3.

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