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About JobTestPrep’s Xcel Energy CEB SHL Packs

Before starting the Xcel Energy recruitment process, make sure you top the competition with JobTestPrep's preparation packs. Our packs will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to ace the application, test and interview process no matter the position you are going for.


"The online test experience is great and realy simiilar to the SHL exam I did. Practicing help me a lot in getting used to the questions of this test"

Guy R., applicant for an Electrical Engineer position at Xcel


  • 79% of JobTestPrep Xcel applicant used master CEB-SHL verbal pack
  • 99% of the practice with the master CEB-SHL numerical pack too

Xcel Energy CEB SHL-Style Online Tests: Numerical, Verbal, OPQ32, and Inductive Logical Reasoning 

In the numerical, you will encounter data in the form of a table or a graph and multiple-choice questions. You require to show basic math aptitude and to perform calculations involving percentages, ratios, and fractions.

The verbal tests you will have to follow instructions comprehend verbal passages, show technical understanding, complete sentences, as well as various other verbal related tasks. 

The inductive and logical are a popular family of reasoning tests, popularly seen in the selection process of graduate to senior job levels. They measure candidates' ability to draw inferences and understand the relationships between various concepts independent of acquired knowledge.

The OPQ32 test is comprised of questions which measure 32 specific personality characteristics and it is highly complex. The candidate is presented with a block of 4 statements and needs to choose which of the statements describes him the best and which are least describes him.


Prepare the Right Way for Your Xcel Energy CEB SHL Tests

Succeeding on pre-employment assessment is not an easy feat. Tests that the companies offer to their candidates are challenging, and so are their interviews. It is, therefore, necessary to come to your assessment well-prepared. JobTestPrep can considerably assist you in the preparation for your forthcoming tests and interviews. Purchase our thoughtfully designed practice materials and become your recruiters first choice for the advertised position.


Xcel Energy Interview Process

During a job interview, you will likely be asked questions ranging from your previous work history, salary expectations, and those that assess job-specific skills. It is important to research and understand the specific competencies the company is looking for in its applicants to confidently pass this part of the recruitment process. A practice Q & A will also be beneficial as this can help you work on the flow of your answers and overall tone.

Xcel Energy Assessment Centre

Aiming to hire the most professional and knowledgeable people, many employers consider interviewing job applicants an insufficient means of determining their suitability for a position. Even pre-employment testing, a popular way of sifting through job candidates, does not guarantee that the right person will be hired. What largely increases chances of weeding out wrong candidates is a combination of such tasks and activities as group discussions, presentations, role-playing, social events, case studies, and psychometric and various written tests. There is a strict elimination at every stage of the assessment process, and most of the applicants don't arrive the final interview with Xcel managers.

How is the Xcel Energy Verbal Reasoning Test Scored?

Most of the Verbal Reasoning tests do not have a predetermined passing score. Your score is calculated in relation to the scores of other applicants who are vying for similar positions. The number of your correct answers, called the raw score, as compared to raw scores of people applying for a position in your area. Such a calculating method can sometimes be disadvantageous since your correct answers would not necessary bespeak good results. Even if you answer correctly 27 out of 30 questions, your test will not be deemed successful, if it turns out that other job candidates answered 29 questions correctly. If most of the test takers get more questions right than you do, this means that your score on the Verbal Reasoning Test is lower than the average result of your competitors.

When Should I Start Preparing for my Xcel Energy CEB SHL Test?

As a rule, you should start preparing yourself for the Xcel Energy CEB SHL as soon as possible. Preparation is key to understanding not only the structure of the test you will need to take during the Xcel Energy recruitment process, but also the appropriate responses to the questions that will be asked.

What does Xcel Energy Hiring Process Entail?

According to a recent report in Forbes, the length of an interview process has almost doubled from 13 to 23 days on average. The reason for this is that the hiring process has become more comprehensive with more hoops and hurdles that applicants need to jump through. These include a range of screening methods, such as Personality, Verbal, Situational Judgement and Mathematical Reasoning along with potentially several rounds of face-to-face interviews with HR and managers at various levels in the company. As the process becomes more complex, JobTestPrep is here to give you the knowledge you need to succeed.


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