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Prepare for the Wilmar International Hiring Process

Founded in 1991, Wilmar International Limited is headquartered in Singapore and is Asia’s leading agroindustry group. They grow, refine, and sell edible oils and grains. Wilmar is divided into a plantation division for growing trees, a unit for processing plants, and a consumer division. Wilmar International also produces and sells fertilizer and palm-based biodiesel sold in Europe and the US.

They run in over 20 countries, selling products in more than 50 countries, and possess over 300 processing plants across Southeast Asia. The Wilmar International hiring process aims to hire the most talented and driven employees to join their multinational team. They hold a powerful presence in China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and Africa. They also seek to hire graduates for the Wilmar International graduate programme.

The Wilmar International recruitment process is described below:

Online Application: Applying online can be performed easily, or one can register with a recruiter or through an employee referral. A CV is required during the application process as well in order for companies to properly assess one’s capabilities and experience.

Telephone Interview: A brief phone interviews may occur over the phone as a screening conversation with an HR recruiter. This stage is used to become more acquainted with candidates before scheduling an in-person interview.

Interview: Face-to-face interviews may be held as one-on-one or group sessions. Such interviews may be held during the Wilmar assessment centre day in a group setting or may take place with a panel of interviewers.

Tests: Candidates are likely expected to take entrance exams so that employers can access a more exclusive evaluation of their skills and cognitive abilities.

Wilmar International Assessment Test Process

Throughout the hiring progression, it is probable that candidates will be given online or printed entrance exams. Such psychometric tests consist of aptitude exams which offer candidates the capability of showcasing their attributes and skills. Skills which are measured include numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. Employers will receive exact scores of one’s comprehension of written passages, numerical abilities, and logical thinking skills.

The situational judgement (SJT) test and personality assessment seek to find candidates who possess the positive and suitable characteristics required for the available position. Through this method of testing, candidates are compared based on their scores. Their reactions to past scenarios related to their work experience are evaluated. Taking sample exams can boost applicant’ performance for the real assessments and help them give a good impression.

Prepare for the Wilmar International Assessment Test Process Today.

Wilmar International Interview Questions

Practising for the interview process requires certain tools and interview tips which JobtestPrep provides to increase your performance. Some Wilmar International interview questions may be technical, competency-based, or situational. Wilmar International is looking for candidates who possess integrity, innovation, team-work skills, and excellence.

Below are examples of interview questions to prepare with:

  • Why Wilmar International?
  • Do you work well with a team?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenging situation at work.
Wilmar International Subsidiaries
PT Murini Samsam Wii Pte. Ltd. Goodman Fielder PT Rimba Harapan Sakti
PGEO Group Sdn. Bhd. Adani Wilmar Limited Josovina Commodities Pte Ltd. Sea Ocean Shipping Agency Pte Ltd.


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