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Are you applying to West Midlands Fire Service? They have a difficult recruitment process that you need to come through in order to be offered a firefighter position. Here we will go through the main steps and point you in the direction of practice materials so you can perform to your best.
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There are over 2,500 firefighter and related services employees working in the West Midlands and they respond to a wide variety of emergencies such as road traffic collisions, flooding, people who are trapped, chemical spillages among other important tasks. Do you want to know how to become a firefighter for West Midlands fire service? Then keep on reading.

West Midlands Fire Service Recruitment Process

There are a few different stages to this application process and we will go through them below.

Online Application Form

This is the first stage of the West Midlands fire service recruitment. Here you have to fill in all the relevant information such as your personal details, qualifications (you have to have achieved a minimum of grade C or equivalent in both GCSE Maths and English.) As well as this, you must also be able to swim and be physically fit.

There are a number of core values that you must display if you want to be part of the West Midlands fire service. These are:

  • Service to the community: Working with all groups, treating everyone with respect, being accountable and striving for excellence.
  • People: Showing equality and respect, honesty, integrity and mutual trust.
  • Diversity: Respecting everyone, showing varying solutions for different needs, challenging prejudice and discrimination.
  • Improvement: Always aiming to improve, accepting responsibility for performance, being open-minded.

There are a number of opportunities throughout the West Midlands fire service recruitment process where you are given the opportunity to demonstrate these values and skills. Moreover, you must show that you have a good understanding of the firefighter personal qualities and attributes, the PQAs. You do this by answering the questions both in the application form and by using the STAR method to answer questions and present your skills in a real life situation that you have been involved with in the past.

West Midlands Fire Service Psychometric Tests

There are four firefighter tests that you need to pass in order for your application to be taken further. In fact, as these tests are automated online you need to score highly on every single one. As you pass the first one you will move on to the next online test in the sequence. The tests are:

Situational Judgement Test

In this test, you are presented with statements you could face in your life as a firefighter. For each situation you are presented with you are given between four and six statements which you have to choose which one is most suited to your job as a firefighter. Learn more about the firefighter situational judgement test here.

Verbal Reasoning

In this 12 minute test you are presented with written passages relating to firefighting situations. On these passages are multiple choice questions where you have to select the correct answer. As this is such a short test you have to be on your toes from the very first minute. Therefore you must try to be as ready as possible by taking practice tests that prepare you working under intense time pressure.

Numerical Reasoning

In this test you are presented with a variety of numerical information in the form of graphs, tables and other information. Using basic arithmetic skills such as the type used in GCSEs such as averages, percentages and volumes you need to answer the questions. You only have 12 minutes to complete this online firefighter maths test so you need to work quickly and confidently.

Risk assessment

In this test you are presented with a number of situations and you have to assess the risk associated with each possible option. Although untimed, this test should take you not more than 20 minutes to complete.

Declaration of Criminal Conviction & Medical Questionnaire

For this section of West Midlands fire service recruitment you have to complete a variety of forms aimed at finding out if you have any criminal convictions and any medical issues.

Practical Selection Test

These are a series of challenges to ensure that you have the physical capability to be a firefighter. There are seven tests in this section of the firefighter recruitment and you have to pass all of them. Whilst doing the firefighter ability tests you will be provided with a firefighter’s uniform to ensure that the tests are as close to real life situations as possible.


If you do well enough in the previous stages you will be invited to have an interview with a panel of two. This interview explores your skills and attributes that relate to being a firefighter. As well as this, they need to find out if you have the ability to gel with the other firefighters in your team. You have to be able to put your life in their hands as much as they have to do the same for you. It is therefore very important to know that you get along well. We have a variety of different packs to help you with your interview from a free pdf guide to a full practice interview with a trained assessor.

Employment Checks/Medicals/Kit Measurements/DBS

The final stage of the West Midlands fire service recruitment process before you start your training is a variety of different checks and medicals to ensure you are fit to work.

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