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Are you applying to a position at United Biscuits? There are a variety of jobs at United Biscuits, from graduate schemes and work placement to experienced professionals and assembly team members. In order to help pave your path to success, the following article outlines what you can expect in the United Biscuits assessment process. Prepare yourself with our expert preparation packs. 
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United Biscuits is a multi-national snack brand with employees based in the UK, Europe and India. The company has a global workforce of about 6,500 employees and puts a large emphasis on equal opportunity when hiring. The UB recruitment process is designed to seek out hardworking, committed individuals at all levels of their company.

As the most detailed process for applicants is UB’s graduate scheme and work placement, we will concentrate on this. However, many of the tracks also follow this process. Make sure to check your application correspondence to be sure you know what you are being tested on.

The steps include:

United Biscuits Graduate Scheme

Specifically in the graduate scheme, United Biscuit’s aptitude tests come in two stages: the first stage includes the numerical reasoning test after submitting an online application. The second stage is after the telephone interview and includes the inductive reasoning test. With only a few spots open in the graduate scheme, it is vital that as a candidate, you excel at every stage of the recruitment process.

United Biscuits Online Application

The online application form asks you to provide your personal details and work history as well as provide a cover letter and relevant CV. Your application is reviewed against the United Biscuits PACE framework which looks at performance, ambition, competitiveness and energy.

You will receive an email within two weeks letting you know whether you have been accepted to the next stage or not.

United Biscuits Aptitude Tests

Once you have passed the first stage, you will be asked to complete a number of aptitude tests. The United Biscuits aptitude tests are provided by CEB’s SHL and include:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning

The United Biscuits numerical reasoning test assesses your mathematical skills. You are presented with a number of different numerical data ranging from charts and diagrams to basic numerical functions depending on the position you are applying for. The best way to prepare is to practice SHL-style numerical reasoning test questions.

Inductive reasoning

The United Biscuits inductive reasoning tests, also known as non-verbal reasoning tests, are designed to assess your cognitive and logical abilities. Inductive reasoning tests tend to consist of 24 questions where a series of shapes and patterns are presented. You have to choose from the options given which shape fits the pattern. The only way for you to prepare is by practising inductive reasoning questions.

Spatial Reasoning

Depending on the graduate scheme you are applying to, you may be asked to sit a SHL spatial reasoning test. The purpose of the test is to assess your orientation skills in two dimensional and three dimensional space. You will be asked to determine what shape continues a pattern of shapes you are given or to find a mirror image of a given shape. A great way to prepare is by practicing with spatial reasoning questions

United Biscuits Telephone Interview

For United Biscuit work placement candidates, if you perform well on the numerical reasoning test, you will be invited to a telephone interview with a member of United Biscuits’ HR department. You can expect personality questions such as “Do you prefer to work in a small, medium or large company?” or “What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?” For advice on questions like this, please see our free guide to interviews.

United Biscuits Assessment Day

For graduate scheme candidates, upon passing United Biscuit’s aptitude tests, you will be invited to an assessment centre by UB. During your time at the assessment centre, it is important that you show enthusiasm and take initiative during both the tasks and interviews- these are two things assessors are looking for in candidates. There are a number of different activities you will be expected to complete throughout the day. These include:

  • Psychometric Tests
  • Competency Based Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • Final Presentation

Psychometric tests

These are in addition to the numerical and inductive reasoning tests you took earlier in the process and may include another numerical, verbal or spatial reasoning test depending on the scheme you are applying to.

Competency-Based Interviews

During the assessment day, you will face two United Biscuit competency interviews. Throughout these interviews, representatives from UB’s hiring team will be assessing your behavior, communication skill, situation judgement and strengths and weaknesses. This is done through a series of questions such as “How do you evaluate your ability to handle conflict?”, “What quality of yours or personal trait matters the most in your career?”, and “What kind of personality do you work best with and why?” When reviewing possible interview questions, prepare answers based on the STAR method for interviews.

In addition, think about what questions you have about United Biscuits. There is time at the end of your interview for you to ask questions so make sure to do your research about the company and have a few questions to ask your interviewer.

Group exercises

The group exercise is an opportunity for UB’s hiring team to assess how you work as part of a team. You will be group with other graduate scheme candidates and given challenging and complex tasks to complete. Working in teams can reveal group dynamics and behavior that is an important aspect of UB’s hiring process. Find out more information about group exercises to prepare youself.

Final presentation

You will be expected to prepare a 20 minute presentation on a topic you are given a few days before the assessment centre. The presentation is a real chance for you to demonstrate your skills directly to the interviewer. Gain tips on how to prepare and deliver a presentation from our blog and practice on our website.

United Biscuits Final Interview

For work placement candidates, once you have passed UB’s aptitude tests and telephone interview, you will be invited to the final interview with a hiring manager from United Biscuits. You will be asked competency based questions in order to assess how well you will fit into the United Biscuits workforce. This is your final opportunity to speak with a United Biscuits recruitment person directly and it is important to make a lasting good impression.

Some good tips include:

  • Make sure to do some background research on United Biscuits so that you can give informed answers.
  • Be passionate with your answers.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.

You can take part in a live practice interview to help you get a feel for what the interview will be like. A trained assessor will take you through a mock interview via Skype to help you excel during your interview. In addition, think about what questions you have about United Biscuits. A knowledgeable and curious candidate is very attractive. When reviewing possible interview questions, prepare answers based on the STAR method for interviews.

In Summary

United Biscuits is a fun and interesting place to work. In order to ensure you get your dream job, you need to be fully prepared for each new assessment of your skills. On this page we have highlighted the best resources available from JobTestPrep for you to prepare for these tests. We hope you find these resources useful, and good luck!

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