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What's Included

  • 1 diagnostic test + guide
  • 5 full-length PI-LI-style practice tests
  • 7 basic math drills
  • 21 figural reasoning practice tests
  • 9 math exercises by subject
  • 8 math word problems drills
  • 6 number series drills
  • 3 syllogism drills
  • 7 vocabulary drills
  • 1 predictive index guide
  • 1 PI Cognitive Assessment study guide
  • 12 Other guides and tutorials
  • Money back guarantee 


This page walks you through the different sections of the test and gives you tips to successfully complete it.

The Subjects

The PI Cognitive Assessment test consists of 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. There are three different types of questions on this test, and they are spread evenly throughout. The PLI test system makes you work your way through 10 pages, each containing five questions. These questions are a mixture of four different subjects.

There are four subjects covered on the PI Cognitive Assessment test, and they measure your cognitive ability at a variety of different learning levels:

  1. Learning ability
  2. The ability to adjust to different situations
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Understanding and acting upon specific instructions

The following abilities and skills are assessed and validated throughout the PI Cognitive Assessment test:

  1. Numerical Reasoning
  2. Verbal/Logical Reasoning
  3. Spatial Reasoning
  4. Abstract Reasoning

The average raw score for the PI Test falls between 17-23. Let's take a look at what High, Medium, or Low Score says about you and what it might mean for your career.

  1. High Score - Scoring Well above average will indicate that you are a fast learner who can adapt to new situations and incorporate advanced information and methods with varying levels of complexities. 
  2. Medium to High - This is scoring above average and will indicate that you will do well juggling multiple tasks and will excel under pressure and tight deadlines. 
  3. Medium to Low - If you score between 17-23 you will do well with operational tasks, but will take your time to learn new skills and intergrate new methods and knowledge into your work.  

Test Names:

PI Cognitive Assessment, PLI, PI LI are all the same test by different names.

Sample Question Types on the PI Cognitive Assessment

Visual Analogies

This section of the test consists of questions featuring various shapes that have some kind of relationship with each other. For example, you may be presented with one large and one small triangle whose relationship is that one is large and the other is small. You are then presented with another shape and asked to choose from a list of five options its matching shape. For example:

Number Series

The questions on this section of the test examine your ability to accurately determine the next number in a sequence. The following is an example question:

1 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 9 | ?

In the above example, you are asked to determine the last item in the sequence. You have to select the correct choice from the answer possibilities on the right. There are a few different types of numerical sequences you may encounter on this test. To determine the number missing from these sequences, there are several different kinds of mathematic functions you have to perform:

  • Addition and subtraction: The sequence either increases or decreases. This can occur simply in which each number of the sequence has a fixed amount added or subtracted from it, or it can be more complex in which multiple additions with different numbers are used.
  • Multiplication: Every subsequent number in the series is multiplied by either a fixed number or a variable of it. For example, every number is multiplied by the previous number in the sequence.


PI Cognitive Assessment Tips

1. Spend time preparing for the test and make sure to practice with a stopwatch. This will help you beat the pressure. 

2. 25 seconds in the golden rule per question and if you get stuck make sure to move on and come back if there is still time.

3. If you are not a native English speaker make sure to ask to take the test in your mother tongue.  

Prepare for PI Cognitive Assessment

This test is designed to determine if you have the potential to be an asset to the company you are applying to. The company wishes to ascertain if you have the skills required for the job you are applying for. There are two main difficulties in taking this test. Firstly, the questions are confusing to the untrained eye, which may cause you to make mistakes. Secondly, the test includes numerous questions that must be solved in a very short amount of time, making it extremely time pressured.


The JobTestPrep Benefit

JobTestPrep has created a comprehensive practice pack to help you prepare for all aspects of the PI Cognitive Assessment test. Our pack includes full-length, timed practice tests. These enable you to get a feel for the actual test and thus reduce anxiety. Practise different types of questions, improve your skills, and gain confidence with JobTestPrep's help. 


Take the PI Cognitive Assessment Test with confidence

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