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Get Onboard for the Unipart Recruitment Process

Unipart Group is a multinational logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing company. They are significantly expanding their markets and have several vacancies available for job seekers who wish to expand their knowledge and be a part of a dynamic team. The Unipart graduate scheme offers graduates with opportunities for growth and extensive training.

A step-by-step account of the hiring process is as follows:

  • Online Application: Applicants can find roles online if they wish to be a Unipart graduate or if they are looking for permanent jobs. An email correspondence will be sent to keep applicants updated during this process.
  • Telephone Interview: Some Unipart vacancies may require that the first interview is conducted over the phone or through a video conference to assess candidates’ background and previous work experience.
  • Tests: Candidates may be required to perform certain entrance exams depending on the role and level of position they are applying for. They will be informed prior to the Unipart recruitment process in order to have proper preparation time. This stage will help employers assess the skills and cognitive abilities which are suitable for the role.
  • In-Person Interview: Candidates may be invited to a competency-based interview onsite, with hiring managers and HR team member. The assessment centre day may be included to evaluate how candidates perform in a group setting and conduct activities such as presentations, group exercises, discussions, and case studies.

Unipart Aptitude Tests

Cognitive ability tests are used in the framework of psychometric assessments when referring to exams covering a large range of topics. These topics can assess test-takers numerical, verbal, deductive, and logical reasoning aptitude. CEB SHL tests are conducted to measure candidates’ understanding of statistical and numerical information, written comprehension, and problem-solving skills. The CEB SHL tests also cover behavioural and personality evaluations, including a personality questionnaire, a situational judgment test (SJT), and an analytic test. Graduates who are applying for the Unipart graduate scheme or a management position usually have similar skills and qualifications and are assessed based on the test scores of other candidates through unsupervised verify tests and supervised management and graduate item bank tests (MGIB).

Start practising for your CEB SHL test today.

Unipart Interview Questions

Leaving a good impression during the final interview stage is key. Be sure to showcase your skills and explain why you would be the right fit for the job.

    • Why do you want to work for us?
    • What are your strength and weakness?
    • Talk us through your CV and personality questionnaire.
    • Describe a time where you faced a challenging situation at work and explain how you handled it.
Unipart Subsidiaries

Unipart Rail Limited

Kautex Unipart Ltd

Unipart Logistics Limited

Unipart Group Limited

Unipart North America Ltd

Serck Services, Inc.

Van Wezel Autoparts Nv

H. Burden Ltd.

Unipart Exports Ltd

Unipart Rail Logistics

Brown Brothers Ltd

Serck Services International


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