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If you have got through the stages up till now you will be invited to attend the UBS assessment centre. Here you will be put with approximately 8-12 other candidates almost always applying for the same position you are. However, you must bear in mind that the assessors will be looking to see quality interaction between you showing that you can work together well.
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There will be four stages to this assessment centre:

  • Another UBS numerical test – This test is quite similar to the one you have completed before in the online assessment. The test is the same layout as before and the goals are the same. There is however one big difference and that is the length of the test. Previously, the test was only 20 minutes long whereas this one is 40 minutes in length. Moreover, there will be assessors watching over you so you have to show your application as well as your skills. Find out more about these tests here.

  • The presentation – In this part of the day you will be given a large document detailing a case study of sorts. For example you may be given information detailing the rise of Facebook and how it now affects the way all businesses work. You will have to give a 10 minute presentation to two assessors about the topic and have to answer some questions about your presentation for an additional 10 minutes. Learn more about how to carry out both parts of the assessment with our case study preparation pack.

  • The UBS interview – This interview is generally a one on one interview and is similar to the one you have had on the phone. Remember to show your knowledge of the company and the seven core competencies. As well as this, it is really important to show how motivated you are in getting this job as people have been rejected on these grounds before. Here are some UBS interview questions so you can get a feel of the company:

    • Why do you want to work for UBS?
    • If we gave you £10,000,000 to invest, what would you do with it?
    • Tell me about a recent story that really interested you?
    • What would you bring to the company?
    • How do you evaluate a company?

    This interview will last about 30 minutes and it is important to try and remain calm and confidant throughout. Make sure you do your preparation on your job, the company, and the seven core competences of the company.

  • The group exercise In this stage of the application process you will be put in a room with the other candidates and given a ream of notes outlining a particular project. For example, you have been given £1,000,000 to run a campaign launching a new product, how would you go about doing this? The goal here isn't necessarily the solution although this is important. The most important thing is to show off your collaboration skills with others. You need to be pushy but not too so. Being results oriented is also important here. You will be given 10 minutes to read through the information and another 30 minutes to come up with a good solution to the problem.

With correct preparation to the tasks at hand you will be able to do your best. Be sure to keep the seven core competencies in mind at all times as well as your motivation to work for UBS. Good luck in your application!

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