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What's Included

  • 15 Full-length CEB SHL-style numerical practice tests + 30 additional drills
  • 9 Full-length CEB SHL-style verbal practice tests + 24 additional drills
  • 17 Inductive reasoning exercises
  • 5 SJT exercises
  • 1 Role play exercise
  • 2 Group exercises
  • 2 Case study exercises
  • Interview preparation
  • 5 Numerical reasoning study guides + 11 video tutorials
  • 1 Verbal reasoning study guide + 2 video tutorials
  • 1 Inductive reasoning video tutorial
  • 3 SJT study guides
  • 2 Interview study guides + 1 video tutorial
  • 1 Group dynamics study guide
  • 4 Case study guides
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


You can improve your chances of being selected to work there as an analyst. Prepare yourself for the company's aptitude tests, interviews, and assessment centre with JobTestPrep to ace the tests with this special pack for applicants for the UBS Analyst position with CEB SHL online tests.

UBS CEB SHL-Style Numerical Online Tests

This is an online test, provided by CEB-SHL, that takes 25 minutes to complete. This test is later verified with a shorter version that is taken at the assessment center. It estimates your ability to make decisions or inferences from numerical data.  CEB SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Test Sample Question:


UBS CEB SHL-Style Verbal Online Tests

This CEB SHL-style test, called Verify verbal reasoning test, contains ten passages. Each passage is followed by three arguments, adding up to a total of 30 arguments to be completed within 19 minutes. These arguments are either true, false, or have indeterminable validity based on the information in the passage ("cannot say" option).

UBS CEB SHL-Style Logical Reasoning Online Tests

Logical reasoning, also known as verbal, inductive, or deductive reasoning tests, assesses your ability to read and understand complicated texts and, most importantly, to utilise your critical thinking skills to draw conclusions. You can read more about inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning test practice on our dedicated pages.

UBS Situational Judgement Online Tests

Situational judgement tests (SJTs) depict realistic situations and conflicts that are likely to arise in the daily work routine, followed by several options to resolve these conflicts. You are asked to choose, rate, or rank-order these responses. 


Tailored Tests for UBS Analyst Assessment With CEB SHL-Style Tests

JobTestPrep will help you get employed in UBS.  JobTestPrep's packs of tests include detailed study guides and answer keys to allow you to locate your weak points and redouble your efforts to eliminate them.  


UBS Analyst Hiring Process

The UBS analyst hiring process consists of several stages. Each stage tests a different skill that will allow you to show your competency for the job:


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