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Turkish Airlines Pilot Aptitude-Style Online Tests

Many of the top airlines have pilot trainee programmes. These programmes are designed for candidates with no flying experience to be trained and potentially hired by the major airlines. In order to join the training, you must be accepted by both the airline and FTO (flight training organisation) after a process which uses both psychometric tests and assessments to make sure you are the right fit for the airline and for this career. In this article, we outline how best to prepare for both tests and assessments.

Turkish Airlines Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning psychometric tests are among the most common tests applicants face when applying for a new job. Verbal reasoning is the name given to a range of tests that use written texts to measure your ability to understand, analyse, and interpret information.

Turkish Airlines Situational Judgement Test

The Turkish Airlines Situational Judgement Test (SJT) provides insight into your abilities to effectively approach conflicts and scenarios that may come up during the workday. You will also be asked to choose a series different statements that best or least describe you. The results of this test will allow Turkish Airlines to gain a better understanding regarding your workplace competencies, as well as your compatibility with their company standards.


Succeed in All Areas of Your Turkish Airlines Recruitment Process

Excelling in your pre-employment assessment is the key to your career at the new company. Make sure you do not hurt your chances of succeeding by coming to your examination unprepared. Practice with JobTestPrep’s top-notch resources, do well on your tests and interview, and become employed by the Turkish Airlines.


Turkish Airlines Interview Structure

Although important, a successful Turkish Airlines interview takes more than dressing smart. Before arriving make sure to extensively research the company and the position you wish to fill. Make a list of points that highlight your past achievements and write open-ended questions to learn as much as you can about the company, division and how management operates. Remember that the interview is two ways, while they interview you, you should interview them as well. When faced with questions regarding your weaknesses, be open and honest, but also demonstrate how you resolve or work around them efficiently as possible.

Why Does Turkish Airlines Use Aptitude Tests During Their Recruitment Process?

A read through of a candidate’s CV is not always enough to get a full account of their abilities and strengths in the workplace. Turkish Airlines employs the use of certain aptitude tests to ensure that you meet their standards and competencies. It is recommended that you become familiar with these sorts of tests through practise in order to improve on the competencies Turkish Airlines is looking for in their employees. This will give you an advantage over the other candidates who have also applied.

What Is the Purpose of the Turkish Airlines Personality Test?

The Turkish Airlines personality test is used to measure and understand your workplace persona. These tests will give insight into your ability to learn new information, adapt to changes, as well as cooperate with your co-workers. There are technically no right or wrong answers to these tests, however, certain answers can make or break your ability to obtain the job you are after due to their effect on your overall personality profile.

What Should I Expect During the Turkish Airlines Interview?

Most interviews include questions regarding your availability, work experience, salary expectations, what you know about the position being offered (responsibilities, duties, etc.), why you would like to work for Turkish Airlines, etc. During the Turkish Airlines interviews it is advisable to be aware all of the potential questions you may be asked and the proper way in which to respond to each. Since aptitude tests are often part of the Turkish Airlines recruitment process, it is also recommended to familiarize yourself with their formats, material, and answers. JobTestPrep’s highly specialized PrepPacks™ have been designed to cover every aspect of a given company’s recruitment process and will undoubtedly give you an advantage over the other Turkish Airlines applicants.

Why Is It Important to Prepare for the Turkish Airlines Assessment Tests?

Preparation is key to putting your best foot forward throughout the Turkish Airlines recruitment process. Preparing for the Turkish Airlines pre-employment assessments will give you an advantage over the other candidates who have applied for the same position. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the test formats as well as improve in crucial areas.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for the Turkish Airlines Assessment Centre?

JobTestPrep offers a number of preparation materials for the Turkish Airlines assessment centre. Our Assessment Centre pack is an essential part of our Turkish Airlines PrepPack™ as it contains tips on how to compose yourself while participating in the assessment centre and simulations of the sorts of activities you will be engaging in while there. The assessment centre is an important means for Turkish Airlines to obtain a well-rounded profile of all participants in regard to their suitability for the position, as well as their compatibility with the company’s standards.



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