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Toyota PrepPacks

The Toyota hiring process includes several assessment stages, with each stage changing slightly depending on the position. With proper practice and persistence, you can show the Toyota team that you are an ideal candidate and worth hiring. Get Ready for your Toyota test and other exams with JobTestPrep.

Toyota Online Application

The Toyota online application form is fairly basic. You are asked to provide your basic details, work and academic history and attach a copy of your CV. Make sure to include any details you feel are relevant to working for Toyota as this can help make your application stand out. 

After you complete the application, a member of the Toyota recruitment department will contact you by phone to perform a background and reference check. As well as this, you will be asked some competency based questions to assess your language skills and motivation. At the end of the phone screening, you are informed of the next step in the Toyota recruitment process.

Toyota Online Tests

Depending on the position you are applying for, there are a series of Toyota aptitude tests you are asked to complete. These can include a maintenance aptitude test, a situational judgment test and a manual dexterity test. Please note that if you are applying for administration positions, you do not need to sit the aptitude tests. 

Toyota Maintenance Aptitude Test

The maintenance aptitude test is a three-hour long assessment which examines your mechanical abilities. There is a variety of questions, ranging from basic physics to electricity. You must be able to answer the questions correctly in the allotted time. Find out more about the content and style of these questions to help you prepare with our mechanical reasoning tests.

Toyota Situational Judgment Test

Included in the maintenance aptitude test is a situational judgement test (or SJT) which is used to evaluate your behavioural and cognitive abilities. In this test, you are presented with a work-related situation and four different responses. You need to decide which of the options are you most and least likely to respond. Get a full picture of the SJT with our practice tests. 

Toyota Personality and Manual Dexterity Test

Whether you are applying to a Toyota engineering apprenticeship or an external engineering apprenticeship, you will have group exercise to assess teamwork abilities as well as a manual dexterity test to assess how well you work with your hands. 


Success on the Toyota Assessment Test is in Your Hands

Companies are interested in hiring only the best experts in their fields. To select the best specialists from a rich applicant pool, they offer job candidates difficult tests and ask them tricky questions. Preparing for your pre-employment assessment is of paramount importance if you want to qualify for the applied position. Start practising now with JobTestPrep’s materials and land a wished-for position.


Toyota Assessment Centre

Once you have passed the aptitude and ability tests, you will be invited to a day at the Toyota assessment centre. During your time spent at the Toyota assessment centre, there are a number of activities you are expected to complete depending on the position you are applying for. Some of the activities will be in groups and others will be individual. Keep in mind that Toyota has five key competencies that assessors are looking for in all positions. These are:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork abilities as well as interpersonal interactions
  • Initiative
  • Leadership qualities

Additionally, Toyota is guided by two main principles: respect for people and continuous improvement. These ideas have developed a set of guidelines and behaviours known as 'The Toyota Way'. Articles about 'The Toyota Way' are easily accessible online and Toyota candidates should familiarise themselves with these principles in order to know what strengths to stress during the assessment and interview process.

Toyota Interview

Once you have passed the assessment centre stage, you will be invited to the final step in the recruitment process, the interview. The interview will be performed by your future manager and assisted by a Toyota recruiter. During the interview, you are assessed on your abilities, techniques and characteristics. 

Toyota Interview

The Toyota interview questions are technical and behavioural questions. You should be able to talk about your motivation to work for the company, your past experience, and your knowledge of Toyota. Use our PrepPack to answer even the most challenging Toyota interview questions with the clear and efficient answers

Toyota Careers

Toyota is a widely recognized manufacturer of vehicles worldwide, with over 330,000 employees across the globe. There are many different entry routes, ranging from the Toyota apprenticeships to experienced professionals. We outline the major steps common to all of the recruitment processes to give you a good sense of what to expect and provide useful practice materials to help you prepare. 


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