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Prepare for the Thomson Reuters Employment Process

Thomson Reuters Corporation is a Canadian multinational mass media and information firm. Whether candidates are interested in applying for a permanent career or an internship, preparing for each stage involved during the employment process will significantly increase their chances of success.

The various steps in the Thomson Reuters recruitment process are as follows:

  • Online Application: Most applicants complete the Thomson Reuters application process online by applying for one of the vacancies. If candidates are interested in the Thomson Reuters graduate program they can apply through campus recruiting or an employee referral.
  • Telephone Interview: Candidates will be contacted over the phone by an HR representative as part of the screening process. If they are unable to schedule an in-person interview at this point they may have an initial video interview instead.
  • Tests: Job applicants may be required to complete entrance exams which involve Thomson Reuters aptitude questions when reliably assessing applicants’ abilities and compatibility for the position.
  • Interview: The final interview process may consist of an assessment centre stage in which several in-person interviews will be performed one-on-one or in a group setting. Applicants may be asked to solve a case study and answer technical, behavioural, and situational Thomson Reuters interview questions during this stage.

Thomson Reuters Aptitude Test

The situational strengths test (SST) is designed to help employers hire only the most suitable candidates for TR internships and careers by evaluating their skills and strengths. The situational judgement tests are used to assess job applicants’ behavioural traits and reactions to challenges in the workplace environment and determine whether applicants are fit for administration, customer service, or supervisory roles. The Excel assessment tests may also be part of the Thomson Reuters employment process, by examining candidates’ Excel abilities pertaining to the job position. The competency-based assessments include the situational judgement and personality exams. If candidates are applying for an accounting position and need to prepare for training, we recommend practising with the accountancy aptitude test as well.

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Thomson Reuters’ Interview Process

Whether you are interested in the Thomson Reuters internships or a full-time career, you can utilize our interview preparation materials for the Thomson Reuters interview questions and answers by practising replies based on the STAR method. This method presents a Situation, discusses the Task that you performed, the Action you took to fix the issue, and what Result occurred.

Examples of Thomson Reuters' interview questions:

        • Why do you want to join Thomson Reuters?
        • Describe a time when you solved a problem by being innovative.
        • Describe a time when you did not agree with your supervisor and how you handled it?
        • How did you deal with a team member not putting in as much effort as the rest of the team?


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