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What You'll Get

  • 14 vocabulary tests 
  • 5 spatial reasoning tests 
  • Typing test 
  • Full-length personality test
  • 50 single trait tests
  • 4 study guides
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This PrepPack™ includes verbal, spatial reasoning, typing and personality tests, as well as study guides.

About Thomas Cook PrepPacks™

Detailed research has been done about the tests that Thomas Cook invites its job candidates to take before making a hiring decision. Based on the findings, models that are close to the actual Thomas Cook’s tests have been developed. These models include tasks and questions similar to those you will meet on your official examination. If you practise with the tests and drills, no question on Thomas Cook’s assessment will appear difficult to you. Step-by-step study guides and answer keys also incorporated in the offered PrepPack™ will allow you to see whether you are improving your results while practising. With the explanations, you will easily locate those areas where your knowledge is deficient and eliminate your weaknesses before you come to take your test. To ensure your success not only on Thomas Cook’s test but also on an interview with its representatives, this product also provides interview practice and questions most frequently asked by Thomas Cook’s recruiters. Equipped with the resources, you will easily land the job for which you applied.

Thomas Cook Pilot Online Tests

Pilot assessments, whether they be for PILAPT, FTOs, RAF, or airlines, typically include a series of psychometric, aptitude and psychometric skills tests. These tests are used in many recruitment processes. They do not examine your knowledge, but rather assess your potential job skills. Airlines like British Airways, easyJet, Emirates and Jet2 all use assessments to ensure they are hiring the right candidates. You must secure a passing score on the pilot psychometric test to move forward in the pilot recruitment process. Ensure you are at the top of your game by preparing with these pilot resources.

Thomas Cook Numerical Test

Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to work with numbers. They are often centred on your ability to comprehend numerical information in the form of graphs, tables and the like, analyse this information and use it to answer the questions.

Thomas Cook Verbal Reasoning Test

The Verbal Reasoning Test is a trusted evaluation of job candidates’ understanding and comprehension skills. It measures how well they can analyse written passages and answer questions related to them. On the test, you will be invited to read several excerpts from a text, whose content will not be necessarily related to your occupation or the position for which you applied. Most probably, the test you will read will contain some general information. Questions asked about it will be accompanied by a list of answers, only one of which will be right. One of the most popular types of questions posed on the Verbal Reasoning Test requires you to assess the truth-value of statements made about the test. If you think that, based on the information contained in the test, the statement in question is right, you should tick it off as “True.” If you consider it incorrect, choose the “False” option. Sometimes, however, you will not be able to estimate the truth-value of the statement, since there will not be enough information in the text to draw the conclusion made in the statement. If this is so, mark the statement as “Impossible to Say.”

Thomas Cook SJT

The Situational judgement test (SJT) aims to uncover your ability to make accurate time sensitive or long-term judgement calls in a wide range of divisions like sales, customer service or IT, as well as in positions in the company from the secretary to the team leader and C-Levels. Generally, you can expect around 20 questions, which pose various office scenarios and professional situations. You will be required to choose from 4 to 8 possible responses and then you will rate them on a scale of least to most effective.

Thomas Cook Personality Test

Personality assessments are of a psychological nature and are used by Thomas Cook to gain insight into your work persona. Technically, there are no right or wrong answers to these tests; however, certain answers can have a negative impact on your overall personality profile. If your personality profile happens to match that of the job being offered, you are likely to be recruited for the position.


Thomas Cook Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

Abstract reasoning tests are also known as inductive reasoning or diagrammatic series tests. These tests assess your analytical and logical skills by having you complete a set of non-verbal groupings and patterns, usually in the form of a matrix. Being able to solve problems of an abstract nature is a crucial component to working for Thomas Cook, as they are looking for applicants who are able to make decisions quickly and efficiently.


Increase your Chances for Success

The PrepPack™ are specialised for preparing job candidates for their pre-employment assessment at the company of their choice. After thorough research on the company’s tests and interview process, the tests and drills are modelled on its official tests and thus ensure that no question on examination looks unfamiliar and daunting to job candidates. Make sure to practise with the materials and pass your test confidently and easily.


Thomas Cook Interview Policy

What is peculiar about Thomas Cook’s pre-employment assessment is that one of its interviews is a panel interview. Yet before you are invited for it, you have to pass several preliminary stages. First, after you submit your resume and cover letter, you will have a phone conversation with a Human Resources manager. During this conversation, you will talk about your education, working experience and Thomas Cook’s business goals. After the phone interview, you will write the assessment tests required as a part of Thomas Cook’s hiring process. Provided you excel on these tests, you will move to the next stage, which is a face-to-face interview. Thomas Cook’s in-person interview takes the form of a panel. A panel interview includes conversations with several managers simultaneously. As a rule, there will be a Human Resources manager, managers of several departments and team leaders to interview you. They will take turns to ask you competency-based and situational questions. They will also talk about your working experience and your career objectives. Participating in the panel interview might be stressful, because you will be questioned by six or even seven people, which may feel overwhelming. Your interview will be an easier and more pleasant experience, if you come to it armed with winning answers to most frequently asked questions. Check out the interview practice resources and come a step closer to receiving an expected job offer.

Thomas Cook Assessment Centre Objective

An Assessment Centre offers a more precise method of evaluating potential employees’ suitability for jobs. Employers have long come to conclusion that inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre for a whole day or two yields more exact understanding of their professionalism and personalities than simply testing or interviewing them. Evaluating applicants during events at the Assessment Centre is more efficient, because they are required to do different activities there: to participate in group discussions and role-playing, make presentations, take part in social events and case studies, as well as pass different written tests. Combined, these activities reveal job candidates’ personality and professional aptitude more fully. Among qualities that they bring to light in candidates are analytical thinking, commercial awareness, adaptability and leadership. For employers, inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre minimises the risk of hiring the wrong people. Participating in different activities at the Assessment Centre is not always a pleasant experience, however. Candidates are eliminated at every stage of the event. Not many of them, therefore, arrive to the final interview with a company’s managers that, if they are favourably impressed, may culminate in a job offer.

What Scoring Method Is Used on the Thomas Cook Verbal Reasoning Test?

The Verbal Reasoning Test is scored as the majority of pre-employment tests are scored these days. Your score is not counted by the number of the questions you answered correctly. Your Verbal Reasoning Test is rather evaluated relative to the results of other applicants who are applying for positions similar to yours, or who are already doing the job for which you applied. Weighing your results against those of other candidates allows employers to choose the best candidates in the existing applicant pool. Yet while employers can only benefit from this scoring method, it may cost applicants a position. The problem is that even if you receive an objectively high score on your Verbal Reasoning Test, such as 92%, for example, it may appear insufficient when compared to scores of other applicants who did better. If other jobs candidates get 93% on the Verbal Reasoning Test, your score will be considered low. Because your success on the pre-employment test hinges so conspicuously on the scores of others, it is essential to outdo them on the exam. Practice will make this possible. Study with the exclusive resources and make other candidates look less successful by comparison.

Why Does Thomas Cook Use Personality Tests During Recruitment?

A personality test has the ability to give your interviewer deeper insight into your workplace competencies, more so than a written CV/ resume can. The main goal of these assessments is to ensure that Thomas Cook will be recruiting someone whose personality profile matches that of the job being offered. It is highly recommended that you research and brush up on the competencies Thomas Cook is looking for prior to taking their personality test.

How Can the PrepPacks™ Help Me Prepare for My Thomas Cook Pilot Test?

The PrepPacks™ can help you prepare for your Thomas Cook Pilot test through the use of the comprehensive study guides, answer explanations and answer keys. The high-quality practice materials are sure to give you an advantage over the other candidates.

How Long Will the Thomas Cook Recruitment Process Take?

The Thomas Cook recruitment process can take several weeks. The screening process usually involves an initial phone interview, as well as an assessment centre where you will be met with group exercises, aptitude tests and a face-to-face interview. Once you have completed all of these steps, the company will contact you as to whether or not you will be offered the position.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the Thomas Cook Assessment Centre?

These products offer you a comprehensive and in-depth preparation package to equip you with the tools you will need to outshine the other candidates at the Thomas Cook assessment centre. Being familiar with the types of group/ role play activities and interviews you will be expected to participate in will most assuredly give you an advantage.



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