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The Test Factory

The Test Factory is an up and coming psychometric testing company that focuses not only on the “standard aptitude tests” but also on more specialised tests such as those explained below. These tests are taken by applicants online and currently The Test Factory provides tests to companies across a wide range of areas. Some clients include: The National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP), Spotify, Cambridge University Press, QA, Google, Microsoft, P&O, Dyson, Cengage Learning, the Houses of Parliament, to name but a few.

The Testing Factory has created several sets of tests depending on the recruitment need. On this page we discuss some of the main test sets.

Reasoning Tests

The Test Factory tests are similar to the tests used in graduate recruitment. Here we look at the numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test is designed to assess how well you work with numerical information. You are given one or two information sets in the form of graphs, tables or charts, and asked to solve question on this information. You are asked three or four multiple choice questions per information set. You must work out the answer to the question in order to choose the correct answer. You may use a calculator and scrap paper to help you work it out.

You have 45 minutes to answer 32 questions in the test. Prepare for this test with our numerical reasoning test practice packs in order to sharpen your skills, raise your confidence and improve your final score.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test examines how well you understand information provided in a written format. This test consists of passages of information to read, and a statement on the text. You have to determine whether the statement is true, false, or you cannot say based on what you have read. In this test, unlike other verbal reasoning tests, all statements on the text are set out below it so you can see what you need to pick out straight away.

You have 30 minutes to answer 32 questions arranged around 10 passages. Taking practice tests will enable you to identify your solving strategy, understand how to answer the questions, and increase your reading speed, all of which will improve your overall score. Prepare with our verbal reasoning practice pack.


Personal Aptitude Skills

There are a number of different tests in this section of the product list and we will go through each of them in detail. The most common tests are:

Numeracy Test

This test generally contains 10 questions of varying difficulty. In this test you are presented with a passage of numerical information that you have to manipulate and use to answer a question. There are four answer choices from which you need to choose the best option. In order to be able to identify the best option you must be able to calculate the answers using the basic functions and other common calculation types. Prepare for your numeracy tests with our numerical practice pack.

Literacy Test

In this test you are given a passage of information to analyse. At the end of the passage there are two different statements relating to the text. You have to decide whether the statements are correct or incorrect based on the information. Find out more about how to approach a literacy test with our verbal practice packs.

Behavioural Questionnaire

In this assessment you are presented with various statements that relate to your personality and you have to assess whether you have a certain personality trait or not. The Test Factory create a personalised test for each client, defined by typically four different traits. Read more about Personality Tests.

Situational Judgement Test

This test is the cream of the crop in The Test Factory's armoury. Sitting together with each company that they work with, they create a list of the key competencies of the company such as teamwork and decision making. They identify real life situations that occur in the company and form these into questions that are pertinent to the applicant. When you come to take this test, you will be presented with a situation along with four different possible solutions to the problem. You need to choose which of these options you judge to be the best and worst. Once thought that these tests cannot be prepared for, studies have proven conclusively that this is very far from the truth. Learning how these questions are worded and coming up with the correct solutions is a skill that everyone can learn.


Basic Computer Skills

In this series of tests, there are a number of different skills based assessments for programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Typing and Data entry skills tests. These tests are distributed by a partner of The Test Factory by Technically Compatible. Each of these tests is geared to a specific skill set and level and is administered online. These tests are simulations of the actual programs and you have to demonstrate that you have the requisite skill level and are able to manipulate the program in the correct manner. Learn more about Fault Finding tests here.

Compliance Test

There are many different laws governing the way businesses have to act. These laws are constantly changing and to this end employers need to know that their employees are up to date with the latest developments. For this reason, The Test Factory has created a series of tests covering many different areas including: The Bribery act, data protection, money laundering, anti-corruption, equality, libel, safeguarding children, contempt of court among others.

In the tests, you will be presented with scenarios that could or have really happened. You need to select the correct option from the multiple choice answers. In order to do this correctly you will need to have a thorough understanding of the subject that you are being tested on. These tests are taken in timed conditions, with only a short amount of time given to answer each question creating pressure on you and ensuring that you really know your stuff.

The Test Factory and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.


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