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Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Hiring Process

Regardless of the role you are interested in applying for at Teva Pharmaceuticals, you will need to go through many different stages in their hiring process. These stages will often include:

  • Application Process: In order to apply for an open position you will first need to visit the Teva Pharmaceuticals careers webpage. From there you will need to search for jobs available in your area and create an account to complete the online application.
  • Telephone Interview: If your CV is found to be a match for the role you have applied for you may be contacted by a hiring manager for a phone interview.
  • Online Aptitude Tests: To further ensure that you are the right fit for the vacancy within their company, Teva will often have job applicants take one or more aptitude tests.
  • Assessment Centre: Depending on the position you have applied for, you may be required to participate in an assessment centre. During an assessment centre you will meet with many other applicants who have applied for the same position. Be prepared to participate in several group activities and interviews while you are there.
  • Onsite Interviews: The final stage prior to being offered a job at Teva are the in-person interviews. The number of interviews that you will need to go through will depend on the position or programme you have applied for.

Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Aptitude Tests

Psychometric testing is very important for many companies these days as they are better at evaluating measurable work-related and personality traits. The assessments that you are likely to face during the Teva employment process are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, situational judgment, and personality questionnaires.

The test or tests that you will be required to take will depend on the position you are looking to be offered. Passing your Teva Pharmaceuticals exam will all come down to how you have decided to prepare. Our exclusive PrepPacks™ include everything that you will need to pass your pre-employment entrance exam and interviews during the Teva Pharmaceuticals hiring process. Start practising today & launch your Teva career with JobTestPrep.



Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Interview Process

Questions that you will face during the Teva Pharmaceuticals hiring process will often be regarding your skills and relevant work experience. Other types of questions that you may be asked during this process include those regarding your CV and working style. Below you will find several examples of questions you are likely to be asked during this process:

  • Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
  • Do you prefer to work by yourself or in a team?
  • What makes you the right fit for this position?

Prior to your interviews with Teva Pharmaceuticals, it is recommended that you prepare for each type of interview (telephone, group. panel, etc.).


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