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Are you looking to train as a teacher? This can be an exciting start to a rewarding career and whether you are in the UK or abroad, a great way to get onto a training programme is by preparing yourself for what’s to come. Learn more on the page below.
Teacher Numeracy & Literacy

20 online numerical tests, 480+ questions. 18 online verbal reasoning tests, 530+ questions.

When choosing a course for your teachers training, you will find that there are a myriad of options that vary in time commitment and pre-requisites. Once you have chosen the right course for you, the next challenge is to figure on how to get on it!

What do teacher training recruitment involve?

In order for assessors to determine your fit on the training programme, aspiring teachers face a number of assessments during the recruitment process. This can include interviews, role play exercises, group exercises, a written task, and/or a presentation. The process for each training programme varies so make sure to pay attention to any information you get from the programme.

How to Prepare

JobTestPrep offers a range of preparation materials which can help you improve your chances during these assessments. Our assessment practice tests offer sample questions and study guides to develop your skills while our interview preparation and case study pack can prepare you for the second stage of the process.

UK Teacher Training

For those looking to train as a teacher in the UK, there are two major options. The first is the various UCAS teacher training programmes which include PGCE, School Direct Training Programme, and SCITT. The second option is the Teach First programme, an independent charity movement.

Both the UCAS teacher training programme and Teach First use the Professional Skills Test during their recruitment process which goes as follows:

UCAS Teacher Training
(PGCE, School Direct and SCITT)
Teach First
Application FormApplication Form
Interview DayInterview Day
Assessment Centre (part of interview day)Assessment Centre (part of interview day)
Professional Skills TestsProfessional Skills Tests

The Teacher Training Skills Test

In order to begin working as a teacher after your training, you need to pass teacher training skills test or the professional skills test. This test can be sat up to three times before you are deferred from the programme for two years (at which point you will need to reapply to the training programme). There are two sections to the test: numeracy skills and literacy skills.

Numeracy Test

In the teacher training numeracy test, your ability to do mental arithmetic, interpret and use written data as well as solve written arithmetic problems is under examination. This test is 48 minutes long and is comprised of 28 questions in total, 12 in the mental maths section and 16 in the written sections.

Literacy Test

The teacher training literacy test looks at your knowledge of spelling, punctuation, and grammar as well as your comprehension skills. This test is 45 minutes in length and can include 41-49 questions depending on the test.

Check out our dedicated page for teacher training test numeracy and literacy examples!

How Can You Prepare

Preparation for the Professional Skills Test may seem simple but it is very necessary in getting a job as a teacher once your training has finished. Our Numerical and Verbal test pack provides practice tests, study guides, drills and tutorials to help you prepare for all aspects of this test. Understanding the challenge and how to overcome it is your key to success.

In Summary

Whether you are looking to train as a teacher in the UK or abroad, teachers training tests are a major factor in the recruitment process. Preparing for these tests is a great way to boost your chances for getting accepted so make sure you get all the practice you need. Good luck!

Have you been invited to an assessment for a teacher training programme we haven’t mentioned? Fill out the form and we will work to find the most suitable preparation materials for you.

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