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Prakash had a built up a successful career in the IT field, but when an opportunity opened for a governmental role as an IT manager, Prakash decided to make the jump from the public to the private sector. Government positions typically come up with better salaries and benefits, and Prakash hoped such a move would advance his career.

As with many public-sector jobs, Prakash was expected to take and pass a series of psychometric tests. Understandably, he was concerned about the difficulty of this part of the application process. Luckily, a quick online search for ‘psychometric test preparation’ led him to JobTestPrep.

He purchased a PrepPack™ and was extremely satisfied with his results.

‘I must say [the pack] was very useful’, he stressed. ‘I diligently spent at least 14–15 hours online practising the tests. The quality of JobTestPrep's materials and the rationale provided for all the answers was paramount in helping me to understand the subject matter and bringing me up to speed on the content of the test’.

And on test day, Prakash was pleasantly surprised to discover that JobTestPrep's materials were a direct match to his actual psychometric exams. ‘The practice questions were the perfect preparation for the government entrance test’, he noted.

In addition, Prakash emphasised that his scores on the practice exams were so accurate they aligned perfectly with the score he got on the actual exam.

‘The practice tests really helped me to prepare, and the rationale and the results were an accurate reflection of what my results were on the final exam’.

While Prakash may have kept the same profession, just transitioning from the private to the public sector, he stresses that JobTestPrep helped him make the move onwards and upwards in his career.

‘I was quite happy with JobTestPrep’, he noted. ‘I got a great benefit and I want other people to experience this same benefit’.

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