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Aaron's Success Story

Aaron knew that he was headed for a career in the world of finance, so to ensure his success, he took matters into his own hands.

'I was applying for a school leaver program back in June 2011', Aaron recounted. 'It was for the big 4 accountancy firm KPMG'.

Big accountancy firms don’t take just anyone, and Aaron needed to prove he had the necessary skills to join KPMG at a young age.

With a quick search online, he found JobTestPrep and our practice tests for the KPMG numeracy and literacy exams.

'I purchased a package from JobTestPrep that had a number of practice tests', he noted. 'The pack also offered answer solutions and had a number of other resources that I found useful for the test'.  

When test day arrived, Aaron showed up confident in his abilities. 'The practice tests that I used were pitched at the right level for the test', he explained, 'so I wasn’t taken by surprise when I arrived the real thing'.

He specifically praised the breadth of our practice resources, noting it provided him with some much-needed assistance.

'JobTestPrep’s question bank was so vast', Aaron declared. 'It offered me a lot of practice, which helped me greatly'.

It's no surprise then that Aaron was accepted to the job. And he credits JobTestPrep with not only helping him to pass the test, but also allowing him to further his career.

Even now, five years after preparing with JobTestPrep, Aaron is still recommending our services to his loved ones. 'I recommended that my girlfriend use JobTestPrep as she's applying for graduate roles at the moment'.

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