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JobTestPrep’s preparation pack is designed to help you prepare for the UCAT SJTace. Read on to learn more about the SJTace and how practising with us can help you ace the test.

What Is the SJTace?

The Situational Judgement Test for Admission to Clinical Education (SJTace) is a psychological tool used to evaluate medical programme applicants' behavioural and cognitive abilities when introduced to hypothetical, daily professional situations. The SJTace serves as a tailored evaluation tool for situations seen in the medical field.

The SJTace is an admissions test that will be used for entry to the Scottish Universities of St Andrews' and Dundee's Graduate Entry Medical Programme in 2019/20. It contains identical types of test questions to those of the SJT section of the UCAT. Therefore, candidates who already sat or intend to sit the 2020 UCAT do not need to sit the SJTace.

How to Prepare for the SJTace

Since admission to the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee is competitive, preparing for the SJTace is essential. Furthermore, as the SJTace may only be taken once each test cycle, as it is considered unprofessional to attempt to sit additional tests in the same year, it is crucial to pass the first time.

SJTace Format and Content

The SJTace is a computer-based, timed, multiple-choice situational judgement test. It is divided into two sets of questions:

  • Choosing an appropriate response – deciding which of the options is the most appropriate response in a given scenario.
  • Rating response options – deciding whether the response options to a scenario are very important, important, of minor importance, or not important at all.

There is a total of 68 items related to 21 scenarios, each one containing two to six items. You have 26 minutes, after instruction, to complete the test.

SJTace Scores

Upon completing the SJTace test and leaving the test centre, you will receive a copy of your SJTace Score Report. The results are valid for admission to medical or dental schools during the 2019 UCAS Admissions cycle (for entry in 2019 or deferred entry in 2020).

Your scores will be received by your chosen university around the first week of November. Universities outside the UCAT Consortium will not be able to understand the scores, as they are based on the results of other candidates, so it is best not to pass on the scores to them.

Registering and Booking Your SJTace Test

It is recommended to register and book your test through Pearson VUE early so you can avoid encountering problems with finding an appropriate testing slot. After registering, you will receive an email which will direct you to the booking page.

The following is the time and fee schedule for the SJTace test:

The Difference between SJTace and SJTaceSEN

The SJTace is the standard situational judgement admissions test for the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee. The SJTaceSEN (Special Educational Needs) is the same test, albeit with a longer testing time for those who qualify for additional time due to a medical disability or condition.

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