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Most SHL assessments begin with a series of Verify Tests. Plenty of people stumble at the Verify online stage, thus cutting themselves short of meeting the recruiter and showing their true colours. Practice and prepare for the Verify Tests with JobTestPrep. 

The range of CEB's SHL Verify tests:

Numerical Reasoning               Mechanical Tests
Verbal ReasoningReading Comprehension
Inductive ReasoningSpatial Reasoning
Checking TestDeductive Reasoning
Calculation TestGeneral Ability Screen
Practice SHL-style Verify Tests

JobTestPrep's practice materials are similar to SHL's Verify tests. 

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What is an SHL Verify Test?

An SHL Verify test is an online aptitude test which is administered at the beginning of the assessment process. CEB's SHL Verify tests have two parts:

  • SHL Verify Ability Test – an online, unsupervised test. It is most commonly used to screen out poor performers during the initial stages of the recruitment process. One or more Verify tests will appear on the candidate's personal page on the SHL ability testing site. The candidate is given a date by which he has to complete the tests. Tests are delivered through SHL directly or are sometimes outsourced through third party vendors.
  • SHL Verify Verification Test – if the candidate's score on the Verify Ability Test exceeded a pre-determined cut-score, he qualifies to the next stage of the assessment process which occurs at an SHL assessment centre or the employer's headquarters. Going there, he is requested to take a second supervised ‘verify’ test to vouch for the integrity of his results.

What types of test can I expect to take?

Of the 10,000 Verify Tests administered daily, the majority are Numerical and Verbal Reasoning. Checking and Calculating tests are more specific to administrative and clerical roles. Mechanical Comprehension tests are more specific to supervisory and technical positions. The full range of Verify Tests is detailed below. All tests are multiple-choice and are timed.

The table below, taken from SHL, shows which Verify tests are available to each job level:

 Ver  Num  Ind  Che Cal Mec Rea Spa Ded Gen  






Skilled Technology


Junior Manager

Senior Customer Contact


Skilled Technical


Junior Customer Contact



Semi Skilled Technical


  • Note that the table displays the available tests for each job level. However, this does not mean that you will need to sit all the tests marked on your job level since different employers choose different combinations of tests from the variety that SHL offers.
  • SHL has content specific questions for different industries.
  • Your rank in the table determines the difficulty level of the Verify tests you would be required to take – the higher your job level, the more difficult your questions will be.

SHL Verify scores

  • SHL Verify Ability Test scores – Your scores are compared to those of others on similar job levels and similar companies in certain industries (e.g. Banking, Retail, Engineering, Public Sector, etc.). Your score is displayed to the employer as a percentile – the percentage of candidates in the comparison group who scored less than you. If you have passed the pass-score determined by the employer, you will be invited to the SHL assessment centre. Read detailed information about SHL Verify test scores and results.
  • SHL Verify Verification Test results – you will not get another grade on most of these tests. Rather, your tests will be graded Verified or Not Verified. However, on Deductive and Spatial Reasoning Tests you will get another grade on your verification test.

Preparing for the Verify Tests

Verify tests assess underlying skills and competencies which can be improved through training. JobTestPrep offers a full spectrum of aptitude test training, including practice tests with feedback reports and itemised explanations. These practice packs are tailored for SHL tests and for specific job levels: graduate & management, senior management and more. JobTestPrep offers tailored packs for SHL Verify Numerical (choose a pack according to your level) and Verbal Reasoning, as well as the Checking Test, the mechanical Test and more.

SHL Verify General Ability Screen

This test measures general cognitive abilities of the following types:
  1. Understanding written passages (verbal reasoning)
  2. Performing basic math calculations
  3. Identifying patterns in sequences of shapes (inductive reasoning)
  4. Draw logical conclusions (deductive reasoning)

This test is used only for entry level jobs in operational jobs and when the required cognitive ability is basic. This test is only used for screening purposes and does not replace any of the specific tests.

Tips on CEB's SHL-style Tests

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