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Learn about  CEB's (SHL) Scenarios assessments and how JobTestPrep's situational judgement test preparation pack can help you improve your performance on these tests.
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Were you invited to sit a Scenario assessment by CEB (SHL) as part of your application process? In the following article we will shortly introduce the nature of these assessments, the skills required for answering them, and how we can help you prepare. 

Graduate Scenarios

This assessment measures the potential of graduate candidates to become successful managers in future development and promotion phases of their career. The test uses real-life settings which are familiar in the corporate world. 

Test format: 14 scenarios, 70 questions in total. 
DurationNon timed, usually takes 25 minutes to complete.

You are invited to try some general sample questions in our Free Situational Judgement practice session.

Managerial Scenarios

Unlike the Graduate Scenarios assessment, here the candidates are expected to demonstrate and reflect on their experience as managers. 

Test format
: 16 scenarios, 100 questions in total. 
Duration: Non timed, usually takes 40 minutes to complete.

You are invited to try some general sample questions in our Free Situational Judgement practice session.

Executive Scenarios

While Similar in nature to the Managerial Scenarios assessment, Executive Scenarios will reflect that the candidates have significant work experience to draw on and are applying for senior managerial/executive positions. The Executive test has a strong focus on leadership potential.

Test format: 12 scenarios, 60 questions in total. 
Duration: Non timed, usually takes 30 minutes to complete.

What is Being Tested in SJT test?

SHL situational judgement tests present potential scenarios relevant to the position being applied to and provide a selection of potential responses to each scenario. Candidates are requested to either choose the most appropriate response, or to rank the responses in order of desirability. Candidates’ responses are then compared with a set of ideal answers generated by assessment experts. 

Score feedback is usually sectioned into the following three areas:

Managing Objectives – explores how you make the best use of networking, consulting with and using the energies of others. As well as how you plan prioritise and organise in order to produce solutions. SHL refer to these traits as delegation and big picture.

People Management – explores how effective you are at managing in a team and/or one to one setups, including facing topics such as motivation, disputes, encouragement, leadership resource-management and planning in order to meet objectives.

Corporate or Reputation Management – explores topics of taking personal responsibility, supporting and being positive about your organisation.

Situational Judgement Test Preparation

CEB's SHL states that ‘your answers should draw on the general knowledge and life experience you have acquired’. However, these tests often block people from gaining employment because they don’t prepare and are under the misconception that since you will be faced with real-life scenarios, these tests cannot be prepared for. At JobTestPrep we train you to master situational judgement tests, including the styles and concepts seen on SHL assessments - you will learn which priorities are valued by employers and receive guidance on the basic rules of behaviour that are recommended in a workplace. 

Boost your confidence and ace your test by practising with JobTestPrep’s Situational Judgement preparation pack.

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