Learn About SHL's Checking Tests and Clerical Checking Tests

Learn about checking tests, another type of aptitude test that a candidate may encounter during his selection process. 
SHL-style PTB Practice

35 CEB's SHL-style PTB tests: checking, numerical and verbal!

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Checking tests are designed to evaluate speed and accuracy skills. They are often seen in the selection process of clerical and administrative positions, and are quite straightforward. They are exhaustive and demand high level of concentration, since they require the discrimination and comparison of multiple sets of data that contain a lot of numerical and letter-based information, most of which has no significant meaning in real life. 

Checking test sample questions

In each row you must identify and select the two sets of characters that are identical.







GPS: =7W

GPS: =9W

 GPS; =7W

GPS, =7W

GPS: =7W














L ^ { N }

L ^ ( M )

L ^ ( N )

L ( ^ N )

L ^ ( N )

The solution is:

(1A:1E), (2B:2E), (3A:3D), (4C:4E)

SHL Clerical Checking Test

To practise PTB and SHL clerical checking tests click here.

CEB's SHL is currently one of the largest assessment companies in the world of pre-employment assessment. Employers who are using SHL services and are looking for candidates for administrative, secretarial and clerical jobs, usually use the SHL Personnel Test Battery (PTB). If you are looking for SHL clerical tests, chances are you will be asked to sit the PTB. The PTB includes 6 different types of clerical checking tests: 

  • Clerical Checking

  • Classification

  • Basic Checking

  • Audio Checking

  • Text Checking

  • Computer Checking

  • Beside clerical checking tests, the PTB includes numerical and verbal reasoning tests. 

To get more information about the PTB and the different types of SHL clerical checking tests click here

Different variations of the PTB

It is important to note that each candidate will only be administered with some of the SHL clerical tests and not all six of them. Each candidate will be required to sit the tests which are most relevant to the nature of the job he is trying for. 

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