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SHL Applied Technology

This battery of tests is used to assess engineers and technicians. The difficulty level of these tests is such that the SHL ATS can be used to assess everyone from school leavers to experienced hire positions who can be assessed to determine a change in personnel or a move into a different department.

There are five tests in the SHL ATS battery and we will go through them in more detail below.

Following Instructions (VTS1)

In this test you will have 20 minutes to answer 36 questions testing your ability to follow written instructions. These written instructions are similar to those in equipment manuals and operating instructions. There is no necessity to know technical words in this test and it is assumed that you do not know them.

Diagrammatic Thinking (DTS6)

In this 20 minute test you need to show an ability to follow a sequence of interdependent symbols arranged in a logical order. These skills are necessary for those applying to jobs that involve tracking process control systems and debugging software. There are 36 questions in this test. This is different to the Diagramming test in the Technical Test Battery as the DTS6 explores your ability to simply follow a sequence of symbols whereas the Diagramming test requires you to manipulate multiple figures and symbols at the same time.

Numerical Estimation (NTS2)

In this 10 minute test you will be presented with a series of simple calculations involving basic arithmetic as well as fractions and percentages. You need to choose the correct estimate from the possible options and you are not allowed to use a calculator for this test. Practise this test here.

This is different to the Numerical Computation test in the Technical Test Battery as the NTS2 examines your ability in completing estimations involving fractions and percentages whereas the numerical computation test not only requires precise answers but also only uses basic mathematical principles, BIDMAS. You can find out more about this test here.

Fault Finding (FTS4)

In this 20 minute test you will be presented with various arrangements with colour coded elements to them. You will have to find the symbol in the arrangement that is not working. This test is particularly appropriate for those applying to positions where they will have to operate machinery, where quick fault finding is an absolute necessity.

Spatial Checking (STS5)

In this 15 minute test you will be tested on your understanding of the relationship between two and three dimensional objects. You will be presented with various designs that have been rotated and reversed in either 2D or 3D. You need to select the correct option from a selection of different possibilities. This test is particularly useful for those applying for positions in the checking and design of electrical systems and engineering components.

This test is different to the Spatial Recognition test in the Technical Test Battery for the simple reason that the STS5 uses multiple dimensions whereas the spatial recognition test only uses two dimensions and is more appropriate to fitters, mechanics and construction workers.

Prepare for SHL's Applied Technology

Preparing for a job application cannot be taken lightly as there are many steps and obstacles along the way that are designed to trip you up. Not only do you have to contend with some difficult questions, you also need to deal with the lack of time you are given to complete the test. Hence, correct practise is absolutely necessary in order to succeed in these online tests. JobTestPrep has complete packages for all of these tests, as well as hundreds of others besides. We also offer complete preparation for anything that a prospective employer can throw at you, from an interview to a complete, full day assessment centre.

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