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Prepare for the Shire Recruitment Process

Founded in 1986, Shire is the leading worldwide biotechnology company which focuses on rare diseases. The aim to help people who are struggling by developing advanced therapies to help them live better lives. Shire has over 23,000 employees who are focused on the company’s development and on helping their patients. Employees are given many opportunities to grow their career and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Candidates who are interested in the Shire internship program or a full-time job can find what they are looking for with Shire.

The Shire hiring process is explained below:

Application: Looking for available Shire jobs can be done by applying online and filling out an application along with your CV. There are other ways of applying, which can be done through an employee referral or recruiter.

Telephone Interview: After the first stage, you may be called by an HR recruiter for a phone screening interview. Telephone conversations are performed to evaluate how well you fit the position.

Interview: In-person interviews are performed with selected candidates to decide whether their personality, knowledge, and behavioural tendencies are a good match. Interview may be held one-on-one and in a group setting during the Shire assessment centre day.

Tests: Certain psychometric exams may be given to score candidates’ skills and characteristics. Entrance exams help employers determine how suitable one is for the available jobs.


The Shire Test Process

During the Shire aptitude test process, there are several skills which may be assessed. One’s critical thinking skills, also known as critical reasoning, are assessed to see how they evaluate a situation and comprehend various viewpoints while understanding facts and presumptions. Companies assess this trait because they want to know that candidates can make logical decisions and be open-minded and decisive. Critical thinking tests measure how one draws inferences, recognizes assumptions, makes deductions, interprets situations, and evaluates arguments.

The most common reasoning tests include the numerical, verbal and logical reasoning exams. Numerical tests assess candidates’ arithmetical understanding, while the logical tests involve linking patterns and necessitate that candidates make proper decisions. The verbal reasoning test measures how one interprets verbal passages. Shire assessments may include the personality and situational judgement (SJT) tests. These both display one’s characteristics to provide insight into their fit for the career.

Prepare for the Shire Test Process.

Shire Questions and Answers

Some frequently asked Shire interview questions and answers:

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Answer: When answering this question, you should try to show that you are ambitious and provide an optimistic answer by saying that you’d like to be working in their company and move up over time. Feel free to discuss your hopes and goals for the future.

Questions: Why do you want this job?

Answer: When answering this question, discuss a time when you experienced helping an employee, when you solved a conflict in your workplace, or your latest achievement which all pertains to the position you’re applying for. These experiences will display your accomplishments so that interviewers can see your ability to succeed.


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