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The Scottish fire and rescue service often recruit for part-time firefighters, known as retained firefighters. They are on-call 24/7 with the permission of their primary employer. Here we will go through the Scottish fire and rescue service recruitment process and point you in the direction of practice materials.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Recruitment Process

The recruitment process includes the following stages:

Application Form

In this stage of the application, you are asked to complete a variety of sections including a disclosure section where you have to outline if you have a criminal record, a section on your education and a section on your job experience.

Psychometric Tests

There are two tests you can get if you apply to Scottish fire and rescue. They are:

  • Situational Judgement Test - Situational Judgement Tests, or SJTs are assessments designed to measure your judgement in a realistic work setting. This test presents you with a series of scenario-based questions and a list of possible responses. You have to select two responses, one that is most suitable and another that is most unsuitable for the situation. Learn more about the firefighter SJT on our dedicated page.
  • Numerical Ability Test - This test examines your ability to do simple mental arithmetic. There are two possible question types. One type asks you to complete the equation by entering a number and the other type is in a multiple-choice style. In order to do yourself justice in these online tests, it is imperative to prepare for them. At JobTestPrep we have a preparation pack designed to help you prepare for your maths test.

Practical Selection Tests

These are a series of challenges to ensure that you have the physical capability to be a firefighter. There are seven physical tests in this section including a ladder climb, a test of your ability to work with equipment, an enclosed space exercise as well as others.

Competency-Based Interview

This interview is competency-based and asks you various questions relating to the Personal Qualities and Attributes, the PQAs. This interview generally lasts one hour. Make sure you know what you wrote on your application form as they are trying to gauge the accuracy of it. Answer the questions using the STAR method, presenting your answers within situations where you have used a skill in the past in a true-life situation.

The best way to prepare for such an interview is to actually have one. JobTestPrep offer a comprehensive preparation pack for your Scotland fire service jobs interview.

Other Checks

As well as the stages that we have outlined above, you will also be asked to complete a variety of medical checks, eyesight checks and psychical fitness checks. If you pass all of these you will be invited to join the force.

Prepare for Success

We have gone through the various aspects of the Scottish fire and rescue service recruitment process and have pointed you in the direction of where we can help you. We hope you have found this article useful and we hope to hear from you soon. Good Luck.

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