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About JobTestPrep’s Sasol Limited CEB SHL-Style Packs

JobTestPrep offers a wide array of CEB SHL-style tests to help you to confidently excel throughout the Sasol Limited recruitment process. Surpass the competition by using our in-depth CEB SHL-style practice tests and study guides.


Success on the Sasol Limited CEB SHL Tests is In Your Hands

Sitting a CEB SHL pre-employment assessment can be rather nerve-wracking, especially if aren’t sure of what to expect. Go through the length of the Sasol Limited recruitment process fully prepared with JobTestPrep!


Sasol Limited Interview Stage

The Sasol Limited interview process will usually have several steps, including a phone interview and two face to face interviews : first with a professional hiring manager, and then with HR. The higher the position, the more rounds of interviews you will need to go through, including with VPs and even CEOs. Note that during the final interview you have to present a report or personal project.

Sasol Limited Assessment Centre Objective

Assessing job applicants is turning into a more complicated business than it was just a few years ago. Employers think that merely testing and interviewing job candidates are not enough to draw appropriate and just conclusions about their personalities, professional skills, and future performance at work. The Assessment Centre allows deeper and more multifaceted evaluation of job candidates, because it offers more than testing and interviewing. During an assessment event, job candidates are involved in many activities; they deliver oral presentations, participate in group and simulation exercises, take part in case studies, and play different roles assigned to them by assessors. While they are so engaged, applicants are being watched and evaluated. Assessors give points to job applicants at every stage of their assessment and eliminate those who look less professional and charismatic by comparison to other candidates. Those who reach the final stage of the assessment have an opportunity to demonstrate their personality and professional traits to their employers in a face-to-face interview. If they create a favorable impression on their interviewers, job applicants may receive a job offer.

What Is the Purpose of the Sasol Limited Verbal Assessment?

Verbal assessment tests are administered by Sasol Limited to determine an applicant’s verbal logic and accuracy in drawing conclusion from written information.

What Does Critical Thinking Have to Do with the Sasol Limited SJT?

Only a critical thinker can arrive at the right conclusion to devise creative and innovative solutions to company issues. During this test prove to your future employer that you have what it takes to tackle the complications of the position and the company at large. The test will offer both single answers and or you will choose from a range of solutions, which you will have to rate from least to most effective.

How are Sasol Limited Assessment Centre Interviews Conducted?

On the one hand, an interview at an assessment centre is conducted in a similar manner to a regular interview that would be held in an office. You can expect competency-based, situational, and, perhaps, technical questions, but the format will vary. First, assessment centre interviews are held in between tasks, as job applicants pass or fail, individuals are selected based on performance for an interview. After several rounds, someone (or multiple people) may be hired. Moreover, you may be asked to make a presentation or role play in a group interview, which is unique to assessment centre interviews.

What Can JobTestPrep Offer me in Preparing for my Sasol Limited CEB SHL?

Our comprehensive package will take you through everything you need to know before taking the Sasol Limited CEB SHL test. Our answer explanations and keys along with comprehensive study guides will empower you with the skills to succeed. It is no wonder we are Trusted by the top universities across the United Kingdom!

What Should I Expect During the Sasol Limited Hiring Process?

During the Sasol Limited hiring process, you will be faced with many different interviews and assessment tests prior to being considered for the position. The interview process generally includes an over-the-phone interview followed by a face-to-face interview.

You may be requested to take a number of CEB SHL assessments prior to, during, or after your interviews. The entire hiring process with Sasol Limited can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete.

What Activities Are Performed During the Sasol Limited Assessment Day?

If you are invited to the Assessment Centre, you may be asked to make a short presentation on the subject given to you beforehand. You will also participate in group discussions and case studies. Other activities in which you will be invited to take part are simulation exercises and role playing. In addition, there are also individual tasks. You will need to pass tests and personality assessments and have one or two interviews with your prospective managers.


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