Santander Interview

This interview is with a senior manager who tests your motivational skills and intellectual capacity. You need to know your CV inside out as the details of it will be brought up. As well as this, you need to have a clear idea and vision as to why you want to join Santander and why you think this particular position is best suited to you. This interview can be as long as an hour and a half and you need to be on top of your game the entire time. For more information on preparing for this interview view the Santander telephone interview section.

Santander Group Exercise

In this Santander assessment day exercise you are grouped together with six other candidates as well as the same number of assessors. This is a fairly standard group exercise where you are given a brief relating to the application stream that you have applied for. The brief is based on an imaginary company and you have to come up with strategies on bringing the company forward, discussing a solution with the other candidates. Performing well during this task is difficult as you have to make yourself heard without being overbearing. This is somewhat of a balancing act. Learn how we can help you prepare for this group exercise with our expert guidance.

Santander Presentation

In this part of the Santander assessment centre you will give a presentation to two assessors. This is based on two questions that directly relate to the stream you have applied for. An example question asks you to present some reasons why Santander is the best possible bank for its customers.

After making your presentation you will face questioning by the assessors. This can be difficult as you have to stand your ground whilst being respectful. However, as trained workers in the company, the assessors will know more than you. Therefore, if you feel that they have made a strong enough point that you think is correct, the correct line to take is to admit your oversight. Being able to admit that you have made a mistake is a big part of the learning curve that Santander wants you to take. For more information on preparing for a presentation, see our dedicated page.

Prepare for the Santander Assessments

The Santander recruitment process is long and difficult for almost every applicant. Preparing yourself for the assessments will help you perform well and overcome the competition. Here at JobTestPrep, we have a complete range of packages to help you in your application. We hope you found this page helpful and look forward to having you on board.