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Our Saffery Champness Packs

Succeeding in the Saffery Champness recruitment process can be a real challenge. With the help of JobTestPrep's preparation packs, you can greatly improve your skills and increase the chances of getting that long-awaited job offer. We offer you the PrepPacks which can prepare you for your CEB SHL Tests and interviews. Start practising today and succeed in the Saffery Champness recruitment process.

  • Saffery Champness Numerical Reasoning Online Tests
  • Saffery Champness CEB SHL–Style Verbal Reasoning Online Tests
  • Saffery Champness Interview
  • Saffery Champness Assessment Day
  • And more...

Saffery Champness Numerical Test

This assessment measures your numerical abilities. You should be comfortable to work with data presented in tables and graphs. Practising beforehand boosts your performance as you will be trained to answer questions quickly and you will be familiar with the type of questions.

Saffery Champness Verbal Test

The verbal test assesses your comprehension skills. You should be able to read and understand brief texts quickly and answer the questions related to them. Prepare with us to improve your reading and comprehension skills.


Start Practising for the Accounting Tests

Preparation is key to passing your company pre-employment tests and interview. JobTestPrep offers dozens of preparation materials to ensure your success throughout the company’s recruitment process.


SC Interview Process

Saffery Champness Phone Interview

The initial interview is usually conducted through the phone in order to allow the HR manager to get a better understanding of your competencies. This stage contains behavioural, technical, and competency-based questions.

Face-to-Face Interview

The SC’s hiring process involves a few interviews. The second interview is a face-to-face conversation with SC’s managers and team leaders. Prepare to answer questions measuring your professional competency and general suitability for the position. Recruiters may also ask you situational questions, answer to which must be prepared in advance. When you are practicing for your forthcoming interview with JobTestPrep’s interview kit, think about a difficult situation that you had to resolve in your previous workplace. On the interview, you will need to tell about the task you set yourself to fulfil in order to sort out this difficult situation. Then, clarify what actions you took and what were their alternatives that you deemed unhelpful. The SC’s recruiters will also want to know what results you finally achieved and whether they benefited your former company.

Saffery Champness Interview Questions

  • Which 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
  • What do you know about the ACA qualification?
  • Why Accountancy?
  • Describe a time when you showed initiative?
  • Describe a hard situation you have been in, and what steps you took to overcome this problem?

Saffery Champness Assessment Day

The assessment centre day is split into two parts. In the morning you will take numerical and verbal reasoning tests, complete an interview, and finally, participate in a group. exercise. If you pass this stage you will continue to participate in the second part of the day which consists of a 10-minute presentation, a review of a case study, and a partner interview. Prepare with our comprehensive Assessment Day PrepPack to be prepared for each exercise.

Saffery Champness Internship and Graduate Scheme

The offers a wide range of opportunities for students in their Saffery Champness Summer Internship and in their graduate programs. This is a great chance to receive valuable training in your field of interest.

What Skills Do Saffery Champness Numerical Tests Measure?

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to look at the range of skills and abilities needed to perform almost any job. Basic maths or computations skills, such as the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), percentages, and ratios, to name a few, are all needed on a daily basis. Being able to understand and analyse graphs and other numerical data is necessary for many graduate and management positions. If you work in the finance or banking sector, financial reasoning skills are a must. As part of the hiring process, technical jobs often require applicants to have speed and concentration when working with numerical data. Critical reasoning is necessary for many high-level positions, while estimation skills are also a big advantage in many jobs.

What is the Saffery Champness's Face to Face Interview?

There are several different types of questions you may face during your interviews. Most interviews consist of competency-based questions, but some include job-related questions, maths problems, or riddles. You can also expect to be asked about your resume and your motivation regarding the position for which you are applying. To help you prepare for your interview and other assessments, we have created a unique preparation pack with all the resources you need. The pack features a detailed interview guide written by our accredited psychologists. This guide covers various aspects of interviews and offers important tips. It discusses, among other things, competency-based questions and how to use the STAR method when answering them. It also provides advice on how to answer common interview questions. Going over these principles and reading the guide can help you prepare for your interviews.

Why Should I Prepare for the Saffery Champness Assessment Test?

Preparing for the test will help will improve your scores and give you the edge you need to gain the job.

What Is Saffery Champness Application Process Like?

Saffery Champness hiring processes follow similar patterns for each type of recruitment, but the exercises you will encounter depend on the level you are applying to. There are also some differences at each level between technical recruitment and business roles. You can be requested to interviews, to complete aptitude tests, and to attend an assessment centre.


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