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Have you been invited to take a set of SHL tests as part of your Rolls-Royce recruitment process? Learn more about the SHL tests you can expect to take and prepare for them with our dedicated SHL packs.
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Some Rolls-Royce graduate scheme recruitment processes use CEB’s SHL to provide the Rolls-Royce aptitude tests. Learn more about the SHL numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests and how to prepare for each test. You must pass these tests in order for your application to be considered for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Rolls-Royce advise you to prepare for these tests and try some sample questions before doing these tests online. Once you receive the invitation and link you have ten days to complete them. These tests are lengthy and we recommend doing as much practice as possible to familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions you will meet. Read more about them below.

The Rolls-Royce Numerical Test

The first of the Rolls-Royce online aptitude tests is the numerical reasoning test. You are presented with various items of numerical data generally in the form of statistical tables, charts or graphs. You are asked a question relating to the data on your screen and have to choose the correct answer from the different possibilities listed below it. You are allowed to use a calculator and have to answer approximately one question per minute. This means that you will be under severe time pressure to perform to your best. This is very difficult without any practise and experience taking these tests. Make sure you practise them before you actually take the Rolls-Royce numerical test here at JobTestPrep.

The Rolls-Royce Verbal Reasoning Test

The Rolls-Royce verbal reasoning test assesses how well you understand and can apply language. In this test you are given a short text to read, and asked questions on what you have read. These questions may be multiple choice, or they may ask you to assess whether a statement is true, false, or you cannot say based on the information in the text. This test is timed with less than a minute allocated per question, meaning you don’t have long to both read the text and identify the relevant section to answer the question correctly. Taking practice tests increase your reading speed as well as identify strategies for answering questions. Prepare for your Rolls-Royce SHL verbal reasoning test with our specially created SHL-style practice pack.

The Rolls Royce Inductive/Logical Reasoning Test

In this test you are presented with numerous images containing different patterns, lines, and shapes. They are presented as part of sequence and you have to use your logical reasoning skills to determine either the missing image or the next one in the sequence. These tests are commonly known as the most pure form of logical reasoning testing as they don't rely on any language to gauge a candidate’s abilities. However, with practise and a clear understanding of how these tests work, we have seen many times that marks improve and gain a person entry in the job. Get practise SHL-style Logical Tests.

Buy all three Rolls-Royce SHL aptitude tests in one pack. Start preparing today.

If you pass these tests, you will invited to the final stage of the recruitment process, the Rolls-Royce assessment centre.

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