Rolls-Royce is a  top graduate UK employers, with 300 participants on the Rolls-Royce graduate program every year in the UK. Other routes in include internships and apprenticeships for university students and school leavers. As such a popular employer, Rolls-Royce can afford to choose their candidates carefully through a touch recruitment process. Learn how JobTestPrep can help you get ahead in this rigorous application procedure.

The Rolls-Royce graduate and apprenticeships application process is set out below. Applicants to other jobs and schemes with Rolls-Royce will find the advice useful as well.

Rolls-Royce PLC

Rolls-Royce PLC split from its sister company Rolls-Royce motors in 1973 and is an international aerospace and defence company. Headquartered in the City of Westminster, London, the company is the second-biggest producer of military engines and products in the world. Rolls-Royce also produces a range of other power systems and applications and employs around 40,000 people in over 50 countries.

Application Form

The first step of the recruitment process is the online application form. There are various methods you can use to fill in your details and using your LinkedIn profile is one of them. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and drive, demonstrating why you are a perfect fit for Rolls-Royce. Make sure you utilise this opportunity well. Moreover, you are given a chance to upload your CV and other documentation that you feel will help your application. You will also need to fill in your educational and professional history, qualifications and requirements. As well as this, you will be asked to fill in some questions relating to your motivation to join the company. When answering these questions, it is important to put yourself in the best possible light. In order to do this, you should include the key values that Rolls-Royce wants you to possess. They are:

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Reliability

By incorporating these ideals into your answers and showing how you have demonstrated them before you stand yourself in good stead to get through to the next stage of the application process.

If you are successful in this stage of the recruitment process you will be invited to take part in the next stage of the process: The Rolls-Royce online tests.

The Rolls-Royce Aptitude Tests

Once you have submitted your application form, you are automatically sent a link to a set of online psychometric tests. Rolls-Royce have recently started to use cut-e (Aon) tests in their online testing, and these tests are described below. However, some applicants may be invited to sit a set of CEB’s SHL tests. 

Once you have received the link, you have 10 days to complete all your tests. You can choose the order in which you sit the tests, and you do not need to take them all in one go. The tests are crucial to your application, as if you don’t complete them, your application will not be considered for the next stage of the process. You can only take the Rolls-Royce tests once a year, which means that if you fail them you will not be able to apply to Rolls-Royce again for a full year.

Cut-e (Aon) tests are negatively marked, meaning that points are awarded to every right answer, and deducted for every wrong answer. These two scores are added together to create your final test score. This system of marking increases the importance of practice to ensure that you get your answers right.

The are five Rolls-Royce psychometric tests for all candidates. Higher Apprentices, Graduates and Interns will take the same set of tests, whilst Apprentices will have a slightly different set. All candidates receive the situational judgement questionnaire and the measurement of competencies test. All tests are outlined below.

Situational Judgement Questionnaire

This test is also known as a situational judgement test, and it assesses how well you make decisions. In this test you are given a scenario of a situation you may experience in your day to day job, and asked to choose the correct response from a series of options. There are no right or wrong answers in this test, the aim of it is to look at whether your responses to work situations are a match to the values of the company as a whole. This test is untimed, so take your time and think about every answer. Taking practice situational judgement tests can help you get a picture of how to approach this test and about what employers are looking for in the answers. Prepare for this test with our situational judgement test pack.

Measurement of Competencies (Management) Test

This test assesses the way you like to work. It is a type of personality test in which you need to choose the statement than most suits you. The test assesses whether your personality fits the people specifications they are looking for. This test is also untimed so you do not need to rush into answering each question. Our practice personality test will help you prepare for this test by enabling you to think about your dominant personality traits.

Higher Apprentices, Interns, and Graduates Tests

As well as the two tests above, you are invited to take three Rolls-Royce ability tests.

  • Verbal Reasoning Assessment - This test examines your ability to understand complex written information. In this test you have 12 minutes to answer 49 questions based on a series of short texts. For each question you need to determine whether a statement is true, false, or you cannot say based only on the information in the text. This test is very fast paced, challenging you to work quickly and accurately in order to get a good score. It is also somewhat different in format to the other verbal reasoning tests you may be familiar with. Prepare for this test with our dedicated cut-e (Aon) style verbal ability practice pack.
  • Numerical Reasoning Assessment - This numerical reasoning test looks at how well you understand complex numerical data presented to you in the format of a table, chart or graph. In this test you are given 12 minutes to answer 37 questions. In a test unique to cut-e (Aon) , the numerical ability test also asks you to determine whether a statement based on the data is true, false or you can’t say. Learn more about the unique features of a cut-e (Aon) numerical ability test and prepare for your Rolls-Royce test with our dedicated cut-e (Aon) numerical ability pack.
  • Discover Rules and Interrelations - This test is a non verbal reasoning test in which you are given a series of shapes from which you need to identify the rule that connects them and choose the odd shape out. This test is designed to assess your ability to solve problems. You again have 12 minutes to complete the test. 

Apprentices Tests

Apprentices have to take the SJQ and Measurement of Competencies (management) outlined above, as well as the three tests outlined below.

  • Simple Understanding of Instructions - This is a verbal ability assessment designed to assess your ability to quickly and accurately understand instructions. You are given a text to read and a statement on the text. You have to decide whether the statement is true or false based on the information contained in the text. This test contains 24 questions, and you have 8 minutes to answer them, which is a very tight timeframe. Taking practice tests help you increase your reading speed and understanding of what to look for, and allow you more time to answer each question. Prepare for this test with our cut-e (Aon) style verbal ability test pack.
  • Discovering Rules - The discovering rules test is a non-verbal reasoning test designed to assess your ability to solve problems. In this test you are given a set of 9 different shapes and asked to identify the rule connecting them so that you can identify which is the odd one out. This is a fast moving test lasting just 5 minutes.
  • Mechanical - Technical Understanding Assessment - This test assesses your understanding of how things work. In this test you are presented with drawings of various types of mechanical system (cogs, pulleys, gears and so on), and asked questions about how they work. You are given 15 minutes to answer 24 questions. Learn more about the types of questions you will be asked and some of the common mechanical and technical devices included in this test with our mechanical reasoning page.

If you so well enough on these Rolls-Royce aptitude tests, you will be invited to attend the Rolls-Royce assessment centre.

Rolls-Royce SHL Psychometric Tests

Some Rolls-Royce graduate scheme recruitment processes use CEB’s SHL to provide the Rolls-Royce aptitude tests. Learn more about the SHL numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests and how to prepare for each test. You must pass these tests in order for your application to be considered for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Rolls-Royce advise you to prepare for these tests and try some sample questions before doing these tests online. Once you receive the invitation and link you have ten days to complete them. These tests are lengthy and we recommend doing as much practice as possible to familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions you will meet. Read more about them below.

The Rolls-Royce Numerical Test

The first of the Rolls-Royce online aptitude tests is the numerical reasoning test. You are presented with various items of numerical data generally in the form of statistical tables, charts or graphs. You are asked a question relating to the data on your screen and have to choose the correct answer from the different possibilities listed below it. You are allowed to use a calculator and have to answer approximately one question per minute. This means that you will be under severe time pressure to perform to your best. This is very difficult without any practise and experience taking these tests. Make sure you practise them before you actually take the Rolls-Royce numerical test here at JobTestPrep.

The Rolls-Royce Verbal Reasoning Test

The Rolls-Royce verbal reasoning test assesses how well you understand and can apply language. In this test you are given a short text to read, and asked questions on what you have read. These questions may be multiple choice, or they may ask you to assess whether a statement is true, false, or you cannot say based on the information in the text. This test is timed with less than a minute allocated per question, meaning you don’t have long to both read the text and identify the relevant section to answer the question correctly. Taking practice tests increase your reading speed as well as identify strategies for answering questions. Prepare for your Rolls-Royce SHL verbal reasoning test with our specially created SHL-style practice pack.

The Rolls Royce Inductive/Logical Reasoning Test

In this test you are presented with numerous images containing different patterns, lines, and shapes. They are presented as part of sequence and you have to use your logical reasoning skills to determine either the missing image or the next one in the sequence. These tests are commonly known as the most pure form of logical reasoning testing as they don't rely on any language to gauge a candidate’s abilities. However, with practise and a clear understanding of how these tests work, we have seen many times that marks improve and gain a person entry in the job. Get practise SHL-style Logical Tests.

If you pass these tests, you will be invited to the final stage of the recruitment process, the Rolls-Royce assessment centre.