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Prepare for the Revenue Commissioners Recruitment Process

Revenue in Ireland is a government agency. focuses on the assessment and collection of taxes and duties. Their mandate originates from duties imposed by statute and by Government and because of Ireland's membership of the European Union. They aim to serve the community by professionally collecting taxes and duties and applying import and export controls. Revenue has over 5,000 employees and offer a challenging career in a dynamic environment, providing their employees with vast career opportunities.


The step-by-step hiring process is below:

Application: The Revenue application process can be completed using different steps. Applicants can apply on their website, with a recruiter, or through an employee referral. A CV is obligatory, along with any other documents.

Telephone Interview: An HR representative may at first hold an over-the-phone interview with potential candidates. These calls determine how compatible one is for the job position. Their cognitive abilities and experiences are assessed during this call.

In-Person Interview: For the next stage, individuals will be invited to come in for face-to-face meetings, held by either one employee or a panel of judges. The Revenue assessment centre day is a group interview which often consists of case-studies, group discussions, and exercises.

cut-e Tests: Passing one or more psychometric entrance exams can be a large part of the Revenue assessment process. Employers use the cut-e tests to measure candidates’ skill set and knowledge. Our tailored PrepPack™ covers the topics of the actual exam, for best preparation.

The Revenue Commissioners Test Process

When you sit the Revenue cut-e aptitude tests, hiring managers will be given more in-depth information about you to decide whether you are a good fit for the position. Each exam measures your essential knowledge, capabilities, and characteristics. You can be tested on a variety of subjects, such as numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills. The numerical reasoning test in particular reviews your factual knowledge regarding the arithmetical data, as well as your familiarity with graphs and charts. Lastly, the situational judgement (SJT) and personality exams may be part of the Revenue assessment tests. They assess your behaviours, qualities, and tendencies.

Start Preparing for the Revenue Test Process with JobTestPrep.

Revenue Commissioners Interview Questions

Potential interview questions which may be asked are:

  • Why Revenue?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?


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