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About Renault

Groupe Renault has been developing mobility solutions since 1898. It is an international multi-brand group, retailing around to 3.5 million automobiles in 127 countries in one year with 36 manufacturing sites. Renault has over 120,000 employees who are passionate about providing innovative technologies, products, and business models. The company works to perfect vehicles of the future and aspire to make them environmentally friendly.

Start Practising for the Renault Recruitment Process

Renault aims to put their patients first by hiring caring and passionate candidates to acquire a position as one of their healthcare professionals.

Stages involved in the Renault hiring process are:

  • Online Application: Applying can be done by uploading your up-to-date CV and other files. The application can also be done through a campus recruiter or an employee referral. When filling out the application form it’s important to emphasize your key skills which are relevant.
  • Telephone Interview: The opening screening stage may take place over the phone by an HR representative. You may be given a summary about your position of interest and asked questions about yourself.
  • Tests: Psychometric entrance exams may be distributed in order to evaluate applicants’ possible capabilities regarding the jobs requirements.
  • In-Person Interview: If your application is selected, you’ll be invited to come in for an in-person interview with a recruiter. The Renault assessment centre day may entail panel and group assessments which can include group discussions and exercises.

Renault Test Stage

Candidates may need to take certain aptitude tests which can be completed online or as a written test onsite to decide if they possess explicit professional behaviours and skills needed for the position. These skills include numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning abilities. Mechanical exams assess candidates' knowledge of mechanical and physical concepts. Excel tests can also be administered to evaluate skills and knowledge of the platform.

The situational judgement (SJT) and the personality assessments may be used to take candidates’ positive character traits into account. This includes their ability to respond well to challenging encounters, as well as their communication abilities. The Renault test stage also may include an English exam to ass candidates’ level of comprehension and writing in English.

Begin Practising for Your Renault Test Process Today.

Renault Interview Questions

Your goal during the Renault assessment centre interview is to display what you can do for the company, and what the company can do for you in return. Make your personality stand out and describe important points regarding your experiences and background. Technical and behavioral-based interviews place importance on previous experiences so employers can understand candidates’ character traits. Sample questions may be:

  • What are the core values of Renault?
  • Describe a time where you had to challenge an idea or people.
  • How does this position fit in with the career path you envision for yourself?
  • Describe a time when you solved a problem.


Nissan Renault Sport F1
Automobile Dacia Revoz
AvtoVAZ Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Ltd.
Renault Sport RCI Finanical Services Ltd.
Renault Retail Group Renault Italy
Renault Samsung Motors Power Vehicle Innovation
Renault Argentina  Cedric Portier Sa
Motrio Renault UK Ltd.
Renault Sport Formula One Team Mediamobile SA
Private Ltd. Renault Environment 
Renault do Brasil Renault Nordic AB
Sofasa Renault Portugal, S.A.
RCI Banque Renault Deutschland 
Renault Russia  Spa Renault Algerie
Renault Espana Renault Finance SA
Renault Pars Fonderie Aluminum Cleon, S.A.
Renault Classic  Renault Retail Group Madrid SA
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Auto Classis International SNC
Somaca Renault Italia SpA

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