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The recruitment process for the RACV graduate program is tough going, with a range of different tests and assessments to pass through. Each one is designed to remove a high proportion of the 500 or so applicants each year down to just 6 or so lucky people. Prepare for each of these stages, including the cognitive ability test, with our range of practice materials highlighted on this page.

RACV Recruitment Process

The RACV graduate program recruitment process contains several stages. Applicants for other positions with the RACV may find some of the information on this page useful.

Person Specification and Competencies

The RACV are looking for a set of qualities in the people they employ. You must make sure to demonstrate these qualities in each new assessment. These skills and characteristics include:

  • High energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Willingness to learn
  • Results driven
  • Eager to embrace and adapt to new environments
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to thrive in a team environment
  • Work independently
  • Influencing and negotiating skills

RACV Online Application

The first step of the recruitment process is the application form. The application form includes a series of questions looking for more information about you and your reasons for applying to RACV, including why you have applied, what you know about the program, what you hope to get out of it, what you can contribute to the scheme, and what your long term goals are. Make sure you answer each question properly, and use the space wisely to include all the most relevant information. You also have the opportunity to attach a cover letter to your application. This cover letter should compliment the information in your application without repeating it. Use this letter as an opportunity to tell the recruitment team who you are, and how you will benefit the company.

RACV Telephone Interview

Once your application has been received and reviewed and you have been taken through to the next stage, you will receive a phone call from a member of the recruitment team. This short phone interview is split into two parts. For the first few minutes you will discuss your eligibility for the role with the recruiter, and then you are asked several questions such as why do you want to work with RACV, why did you apply, why this particular role, key attributes, etc?

Ahead of your phone interview you may want to consider your answers to some of these common questions, review your application form to ensure that you compliment what is written there in your answers, and think about your interview technique with our free guide to interviews.

RACV Assessment Centre

If you have impressed at the telephone screening, the next stage is the assessment centre. Some of the exercises include a presentation on an item that means a lot to you, teamwork exercises, and a short numerical test. In this test you may be asked to answer questions using information from graphs and tables.

RACV Cognitive Ability Test

Following on from a successful assessment centre, the next stage is the online cognitive ability and psychometric tests. These tests are designed to assess your current and potential skills through verbal, numerical and logical reasoning questions. Unlike many other recruitment processes, this stage is towards the end of the recruitment process, so it is important that you are fully prepared for your test. Prepare for your test with our range of online preparation packs.

RACV Competency-Based Interview

If you pass the RACV test, the next stage is a competency-based interview with senior managers from your business area. The aim of these interviews is to allow the recruitment team to uncover whether you have the skills that they are looking for as a member of the team. Ahead of the interview think up examples from your experience which demonstrate the skills listed above and organise them using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result). Research RACV and the role and department you are applying to, so that you can tailor your answers to show that you have what they need. And once you have pulled it all together, rehearse your answers in a mock interview. Our interview preparation package will give you the practice that you need as well as tips for the real thing.

RACV Presentation

The final assessment in this long recruitment process is a presentation to a panel of senior managers. In this panel presentation, you are asked to undertake a business case study exercise and then create and present your findings to the recruitment team. Creating this presentation will require you to analyse some business information, and present your findings clearly and concisely. Prepare for your case study presentation with our online case study practice pack.

In Summary

If you have gone through all of these stages you have a really good chance of getting the job. But to get here takes a lot of hard work to ensure that you are prepared and able to perform your best at each new assessment. JobTestPrep offers a range of resources designed to help you prepare for each new challenge, as set out on this page. We wish you good luck with your application.


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