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Queensland Government Employment Process 

Regardless of the position or programme you have applied for within the QLD Government, you will need to go through an extensive hiring process. Below you will find more information concerning the QLD Government recruitment process:

  • Application Process: In order to apply for one of the many available QLD Government jobs, you will need to go through the QLD Smart Jobs website. To apply for the role or programme of your choice you will need create a user account, upload your CV or resume, as well as a short statement on your skills, experience, and knowledge regarding the role you are applying for.
  • Phone Interview: If your application, CV, and statement are matched for the role or programme you have applied for, you may be contacted to participate in a phone interview.
  • Assessment Centre: During an assessment centre you will meet with other applicants who have applied for the same position or programme. Throughout the length of the assessment centre, you will participate in a variety of group activities, psychometric tests, as well as interviews. An assessment centre may not be required for all Queensland Government jobs.
  • Employment Exam: Whether you have applied for a spot in the QLD Graduate Programme or for a more professional role, you will need to take and pass a pre-hire entrance exam.
  • Personal Interviews: Once you have progressed through all of the previous stages of the Queensland Government careers process, you will need to go through one or more face-to-face interviews. Interviews held by the Queensland Government are generally held before a panel. 
Queensland Government Application Tips
Before applying for a programme or role with the Queensland Government, you should first make sure that you meet all of the minimum requirements for the position.
There are often documents accompanying the job description. Reading each attached document will give you more insight into the position, as well as the Queensland Government’s hiring practices.
Make sure that both your CV/ resume and written statement are uploaded in the acceptable formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png, rtf, txt, doc and docx).
Be sure not to upload any zipped files, tagged PDFs or password-protected documents.
Ensure that both of your documents do not exceed 2MB collectively.
Print out a copy of the job listing and role description to pore over before your in-person interviews.

Queensland Government Aptitude Tests

Psychometric testing has become a major part of the recruitment process for most companies over that last few decades. These tests are designed to evaluate and measure certain desirable attributes unique to each applicant. The types of assessments that you are likely to face during the Queensland Government recruitment process are:

Hogan Personality Test The Hogan Personality assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI, etc.), were designed to predict your potential performance on the job, as well as your strengths, weaknesses, problem-solving methods. It is often said that there are no right or wrong answers in a personality test, however, certain responses can have a negative impact on your overall profile.
Revelian Cognitive Ability Test The Revelian Cognitive test was designed to evaluate your numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills. The difficulty level of this test will increase as you progress.
Situational Judgment Test Situational Judgment tests are psychological tools used to evaluate how you will react in real-world workplace situations.


The outcomes of each of your assessments will give the QLD Government recruitment team a deeper understanding of your ability to quickly learn and perform in your new role, as well as your fit with the company standards and culture. To ensure that have all of the necessary tools to excel throughout the Queensland Government hiring process, JobTestPrep has created highly effective PrepPacks™ full of practice tests, study guides, and more.



JobTestPrep has also created preparation materials for other Australian Government Departments and graduate programmes, including AFP Revelian, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Graduate Development Program, APS Graduate Program Assessment Centre, DAFF Information and Preparation, Australian Defense Force (ADF) and ANAO.

Queensland Interview Process

During your Queensland Government interviews, you will be asked a variety of questions. The style of questions that you should anticipate during this process includes behavioural, situational, skill-based. Below you will find several examples of questions that you may be asked during the Queensland Government interview process:

  • Why have you chosen to apply for this role with the Queensland Government?
  • How do you usually resolve workplace conflicts?
  • What skills do you have that will benefit you in this role?

We highly recommend that you use the STAR interview method when answering behavioural questions. This method will help to ensure that your responses are both structured and engaging for your interviewer or interviewers.


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