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What's Included

  • 13 SHL-style numerical tests 
  • 12 SHL-style verbal tests
  • 11 SHL-style figural reasoning tests
  • 2 SHL-style deductive Reasoning tests
  • A full personality test, along with an OPQ-specific study guide, as well as two other personality study guides
  • 50 single-trait practise tests
  • 20 video tutorials and study guides for different topics
  • Case study practice
  • Interview practice
  • Group exercise practice
  • Role-play exercise practice
  • In-Tray Exercises
  • Situational Judgment Test Practice
  • Office's Excel Preparation
  • Moneyback guarantee- see our terms & conditions



PwC Ireland hires at both the graduate and experienced professional level. They also run the PwC internship programme for students in various business areas. The PwC recruitment process for graduate and internship positions shares many of its elements with branches in the UK, such as the interview process and some of the assessments. We'll review these elements and how you can prepare below.

PwC Tests Ireland

The PwC application process presents you with various assessments. Practising beforehand is imperative to remove the element of surprise and understand the nature of the tests. The tests are typycally provided by CEB SHL.

PwC Numerical Test

The numerical test requires you to demonstrate your mathematical abilities. It is a multiple choice test in which you should work with numerical data presented in graphs, diagrams, and charts.

PwC Logical Reasoning Test

In this PwC test you should identify the logical relationship which connects several diagrams. Once you established the connection you should select the appropriate image that would complete the images.

PwC Verbal Reasoning Test

As part of the PwC recruitment process, you should also take a verbal test. The exam tests your ability to comprehend and utilize verbal information in the time allotted. Practice can significantly increase your accuracy and speed.

PwC Excel Test

Most PwC positions require that you are an adequate user of the Microsoft Excel software. You should practice formulas and be confident about the general functions the software has to offer.

PwC Situational Judgement Test

In the situational judgement test, also known as sjt you will read about situations you can encounter in your work. This is how your prospective employer assesses how you would handle certain scenarios.

PwC Personality Test

Personality tests are employed to understand your professional personality and how you would fit into your new team and work environment. It is important you learn what your answers convey and that you comprehend the nature of this assessment.


Prepare for your PwC Online Tests -Ireland

ThisPrepPack is designed for candidates applying to PwC in Ireland. Take advantage of the mock exams, study guides, interview and assessment preparation. Start practising today.



PwC Interview Questions - Ireland 

Once you have filled out the PwC online application, it is reviewed by the recruitment team who will contact you if you meet the requirements to arrange an interview.

This interview is actually an assessment day, which includes, in addition to the actual interview, a case study and possibly also a group exercise.

It’s important to keep the PwC core competencies in mind throughout the entire assessment as this can help you structure your answers to highlight what the company is after.

Interview for PwC Summer Internship Applicants

This is a straightforward interview in which the company is looking to learn more about you than what is included on your CV. Check out our PwC interview guide for hints and tips.

Interview for PwC Graduate Program Applicants

For graduates, the interview is like an assessment centre and can include a case study in addition to the interview itself. Applicants for consulting also face a group exercise.

PwC Assessment Centre Preparation

The final stage of the PwC recruitment process is the assessment centre. You should be prepared for the following tasks: interview, PwC group exercise, case study, and verifications tests. This PrepPack prepares you for every stage of the application process incuding the PwC assessment centre. 

PwC and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Our materials are designed to help you prepare for the types of assessments you will encounter, but they are not identical to them.


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