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What's Included

  • 6 Numerical Drills
  • 8 Basic Math Practice Tests
  • 16 Tables And Graphs Practice Tests
  • 11 True/False/Cannot Say Practice Tests
  • 18 Reading Comprehension Practice Tests 
  • 5 Study Guides
  • 11 Video Tutorials
  • Money Back Guarantee – See Terms & Conditions


Inside our PrepPack™, find 6 numerical drills, 8 basic mathematical tests, 16 exams that focus on tables and graphs, 18 verbal comprehensions and an assortment of 11 true and false tests. As a final bonus, we have included 5 study guides and 11 video tutorials.

Purpose Behind the Pre-Employment Test

In the growing sophistication of the job market, employers are becoming cleverer with how they hire people. Philippines Civil Service is no exception to this rule, therefore they have created an exam to drill their incoming employees. Though this can daunt incoming people, know that this is a great filter to ensure that the new colleagues are good workers. Thus, you are setting yourself up for a good working environment. Before you can obtain the job, you must pass the exam to even be considered for the position you hope to acquire. Don't allow this test to stop you from entering the company. Begin practising instantaneously!

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