What Are the PGCE Maths and English Skills Tests?

In addition to a baccalaureate degree in your subject and a successful interview, PGCE entry requirements include successful completion of the PGCE professional skills test. This means assessments in both maths and English. The PGCE literacy and numeracy tests are the most feared and often procrastinated aspect of the PGCE requirements. That is why it is essential to make use of PGCE test practice. JobTestPrep provides PGCE skills test practice so you are well-prepared for test day.

What Is the PGCE Numeracy Test?

The PGCE numeracy test is comprised of two sections—mental arithmetic and written arithmetic and data—taken consecutively. This exam is made up of 28 questions to be completed in 48 minutes.

What Is the PGCE Literacy Test?

The PGCE literacy test includes four sections, taken one after the other: spelling, punctuation, grammar, and comprehension. This 45-question exam must be completed in 45 minutes.

Prepare for the PGCE Test

You have three chances to take the PGCE professional skills test. You can take each numeracy and literacy skills test once free of charge, but if you fail, you will have to pay for up to two subsequent tests. JobTestPrep's online PGCE skills test practice will help you get ready for the exam and enjoy good results the first time. JobTestPrep provides PrepPacks™ complete with study guides, PGCE skills test practice tests, and comprehensive answer explanations to help you succeed. We look forward to helping you in your application.