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What JobTestPrep Offers

JobTestPrep sees to it that job applicants become hired at Pertamina Corporation. We help candidates become employed by creating tests closely modeled on original tests. Our Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Tests and Technical Tests will not only familiarize you with the format of Pertamina’s tests but will also bring your different cognitive abilities to new heights. Trained by us, you will analyze written information and calculate quicker and more accurately. You will also brush up on your understanding of mechanical concepts and operational principles behind them.

JobTestPrep’s interview materials also added to its top-notch PrepPack™ will arm you with smart answers to the most frequently asked questions and will explain to you how to make the lasting impression in your conversation with Pertamina’s interviewers. Start practising for your pre-employment assessment at Pertamina Corporation by going through several dry runs of the tests listed below.

The Verbal Reasoning Test

This test is an accurate evaluation of job applicants’ understanding of written information. It measures their verbal logic and an ability to comprehend the gist and details of complex texts. Expect to read on your test an excerpt from a text, not necessarily connected to your field of expertise or the position for which you apply. There also will be statements about the text usually appearing on the left-hand side of your screen. You will need to read the text, analyze the given statements, and decide what their truth-value is. If you think that the statement made about the text is correct, mark it as “True.” If it contradicts the information given in the text, tick it off as “False.” Note also that there will be statements whose truth-value will be impossible to arbitrate due to data insufficiency. If this is the case, mark the statement as “Cannot Say.”

The Technical Test

This test is administered to job candidates vying for positions involving working with complex technology. It consists of four sections, each of which evaluates candidates’ different cognitive abilities. Thus, the Verbal part measures their vocabulary, reading speed, reading comprehension, and verbal logic.

 The Mechanical section of the Technical Test estimates your knowledge of technical and mechanical concepts. Your understanding of operational principles and ability to make inferences and deductions from them are measured as well. Pertamina’s employers expect you to demonstrate knowledge in many areas of mechanics and technology. You will be examined in such areas as gravity, kinetic or potential energy, and pressure, to name only few of them. This part of the Technical Test is timed. You will have only 20 minutes to answer 36 questions.      

The Numerical part may contain two types of the tests: basic numeracy and the Numerical Reasoning Test. The first type measures your ability to perform basic mathematical calculations such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying. Each question in this part will show you a mathematical equation with one number omitted and signified by the question mark (?). You will need to calculate the value of this omitted number. The second type of the Numerical part will require you to answer questions related to data presented in charts, diagrams, and statistical tables.

The Visual section is a good evaluate of your spatial awareness. It evaluates how well you think spatially and mentally manipulate objects. Your ability to perceive patterns between images will be estimated, too. You will also need to demonstrate that you can imagine objects in different formats and from different perspectives

The Technical Test is not easy. You cannot pass it without preparation. Do not leave your success on Pertamina’s examination to chance. Practice with JobTestPrep’s carefully developed resources and embark on an exciting career at Pertamina Corporation.


Interview Process at Pertamina Corporation

After you have submitted your CV, you will be required to take either Verbal Reasoning Test, or Technical Test, or Numerical Reasoning Test, or one of the CEB SHL tests. If you excel on your tests, you will be invited for several in-person interviews. All interviews at Pertamina are usually conducted in the form of a panel. You will have a chance to talk to a Human Resources manager, technical managers, and heads of the departments where you will potentially work. They will ask you about your educational background and working experience. Browse the company’s website before the interview to ask relevant questions about its business goals. The second interview will be with the Board of Directors. If you impress them with your professionalism and personality, you do a medical check up and will receive a job offer. To pass the interviews at Pertamina with flying colors, practice with our interview preparation materials. They contain tips on how to leave a lasting impression on your recruiters. 

Brush up on the competencies and skills Pertamina Corporation is looking for in their potential employees.  Obtain dozens of job preparation materials by signing up today with JobTestPrep.

JobTestPrep has a mission to make you succeed on your pre-employment assessment at Pertamina Corporation. Purchase our sophisticated materials and land a job at the company. 


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