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JobTestPrep offers the best simulators of personality tests administered at assessment centres. Our online personality test preparation can improve your candidate profile by eliminating stress, indecisiveness and the element of surprise.
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It is very likely that as part of your job selection process you will have to face a personality test. The purpose of the personality test is to assess the match between your personality profile and the required job profile, and thus screen out candidates whose personality profiles are incompatible with that of the position being filled.

While the job interview examines your overt behavior, the personality test 'aims' to reach deeper and expose those areas you might not be aware of, thereby providing recruiters with a more comprehensive profile of your personality.

Why simulate an online personality psychometric test?

The importance of preparation for personality tests lies in understanding the principles that underpin each personality test questionnaire. Such an understanding can assist you in building a personality profile that exposes your strengths and increases the odds of creating a match between your personality profile and the profile required for the job.

Performing well on a personality test can be easy if you experience the tests beforehand, receive feedback on your performance, and guidance on how to improve your performance in a future personality test so that your personality profile would better suit the one required in the job you're applying for.

There are several different personality test question formats. The most popular formats are the OPQ32 (used by SHL), 16PF, NEO and CPI. JobTestPrep's personality test consists of the formats above.

  • Our personality test is specifically tailored for your needs. 
  • During the purchase process you will be asked to choose your position and the report generated at the end of the personality test will be in light of that choice.
  • A full and accurate report of all 50 qualities will only be produced once all questions are answered.
  • Professional test, tailored by experienced psychologists, assessors, statisticians, and IT experts.
  • Two unique personality test guides. One you will learn how personality tests work and how to succeed. The second you will discover the traits that are measured and important for your profession.

A screenshot of the test report, showing 8 of the 50 analysed traits:
personality test
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Eliminate the elements of surprise and secrecy

Assessment centres and other test administrators keep a veil of secrecy around personality tests. Luckily for you, JobTestPrep's experienced team knows exactly what you need to expect with regard to the personality test and has the ultimate preparation package for you.

The reasons for the veil of secrecy with regard to the personality test are obvious:

  1. Assessors are interested in obtaining the most spontaneous response possible from the test-taker.
  2. Their assumption is that the less the examinee knows about the personality test the more honest and sincere their answers will be, so the personality test results will indicate a more accurate reflection of their personality.
  3. Personality tests are rarely updated because the process of ensuring validity is long and expensive. Changing the content may undermine the validity of the test, and therefore reduce its accuracy.

Clearly, if the content of personality tests remains unchanged, the test developers have to keep both the questions and the method of analysis a secret. Unlike aptitude tests and other tests that are updated on an annual basis e.g. GMAT and GRE, personality tests very rarely change.

The problem with the 'veil of secrecy' with regard to the personality test is that it provokes a wave of inaccurate rumours about its nature, which in turn results in increased tension, anger and anxiety. A rumour about the need to answer consistently during the test is just one of many untrue assumptions that may cause candidates to make mistakes and consequently fail to get the position they seek.

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