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What to Expect During Panasonic’s Hiring Process

The recruitment process involves several interviews with different heads of departments as well as several tests. Judging by the requirements they post on their job applications, they primarily look for people with the following skills:

  • Leadership and supervisory capabilities
  • Effective organizational, planning and prioritization skills
  • Ability to multi-task


Panasonic Interview Process

While Panasonic is one major company, it has a presence in several locations. This and the type of job you are applying for have a heavy influence on the type and number of interviews you will have to go through. You may be required to participate in several of the following interviews:

  • Phone interviews. Multiple phone interviews with HR representatives and department heads. These are usually preliminary screening interviews with limited questioning. You will be required to go over your resume, tell about your salary requirements, work history, availability and answer some basic behavioural questions. These could last between 15-30 minutes.
  • A video interview. Two types of video interviews exist, a live one and a pre-recorded one. A live video interview is usually conducted via Skype and is similar to an initial face-to-face interview. This type of interview can be as long as one hour. A pre-recorded video interview involves employers sending you a link to an interview platform which contains pre-determined interview questions. Here, you will have a chance to briefly view the question before you record and submit your answer.
  • Several face-to-face interviews. These could be with 5-8 people and last 2 hours or more. You will be interviewed by HR, a hiring manager, your direct superior and other people who will evaluate your specific skill requirements.
  • You may be required to go through a technical interview. A typical technical interview is 45 to 60 minutes and starts with one or two quick behavioural questions. This is done in part to get additional information about the candidate, but also to ease the candidate into the interview.
  • Panel interviews. A panel interview is a formal job interview arrangement where, instead of one hiring manager asking questions, there are several people simultaneously interviewing a job candidate. That could mean a representative for Human Resources, a senior manager, and your potential boss-to-be, for instance.


The Testing Process at Panasonic

Depending on how technical the job you are applying for is, you may be required to pass several of the following tests:

  • The adaptive reasoning test. The ART relies on your figural reasoning skills and your cognitive ability to decode a sequence of figures and shapes with underlying patterns. The adaptive reasoning test is completely text-free, using images for both its questions and answer choices.
  • A numerical reasoning test. A numerical reasoning test includes a wide range of aptitude tests, varying from basic arithmetic tests and advanced numerical reasoning tests. On numerical reasoning tests, you are often given a chart with information on it, which you then have to solve.
  • A personality test. The purpose of this test is to assess the match between your personal profile and the required job profile, and thus to screen out candidates whose personality profiles are incompatible with that of the position being filled. While the job interview examines your overt behaviour, the personality test aims to reach deeper and expose those areas you might not be aware of, thereby providing recruiters with a more comprehensive profile of your personality.


Possible Interview Questions

While the exact types of interviews may vary, depending on the interviewer, there are some common interview questions which include:

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What makes you a stronger candidate than your peers?
  • How do you handle stress and pressure?


Panasonic is one of the leading companies in the electronics sector. To work there could be immensely beneficial for you. Getting a job at Panasonic, however, can be rather difficult. It has a series of interviews and other assessments which you will have to pass. Let JobTestPrep help you. Look at our tests, study guides, interview tips and more and make sure that you get accepted to the company. Why not give it a try?

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